How rich is Janet Evanovich?

Name: Janet Schneider
Born: April 22, 1943
Occupation: Writer

Janet Evanovich, Photo: Twp
Janet Evanovich, Photo: Twp

Born in New Jersey, Evanovich can’t remember a time when she wasn’t interested in both reading and writing. She is well known in the writing niche for the Stephanie Plum novels, with 16 of them in total. Almost all of them have found their way to the top of the bestseller’s list, which is quite an accomplishment. Her early work is found under the pen name Steffie Hall.

Her father was a machinist and her mother was a housewife. Her mom often told her stories when she was a child. As she got older, she would contribute to the stories and that was a fun adventure for her to share with her mom. Her love for writing never went away but she didn’t pursue it much after she started having her own children. When she was 30 she started to really consider the idea again.

She had a hard time writing the dialogue for the novels so she took some impromptu acting classes locally to help. She had a few manuscripts that she submitted but they didn’t do well. She found that writing romance novels was a good fit for her and it wasn’t such a struggle to make the story flow. Her first novel was published in 1987 and she was paid a mere $2,000!

More than 35 novels have been written by Evanovich, and she has a very loyal fan base. Yet the new direction she often takes with her writing continues to introduce new readers to her work. Her range includes romance, action, and thrillers. Her current net worth is around $80 million.

So how much is $80 million dollars really?

Evanovich has one weakness, the love of jewelry. Something she could spend that $80 million on is the very rare and lovely pink diamond. They retail for $20 million so she could get 4 of them! This would enable her to get a variety of cuts including the teardrop, the heart, round, and oval. Of course it would be wise to have excellent insurance on such an investment of fine rings!

These aren’t your everyday diamonds though but something so unique and with such clarity that there isn’t anyone out there that won’t be envious of them. As a creative writer, it stands to reason that she would have something beyond the realm of what the average diamond lover would be wearing.

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