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How rich is Timothy Dalton?

Name: Timothy Peter Dalton
Date of Birth: March 21, 1944
Profession: Actor

Timothy Dalton, Photo: Madrasraj
Timothy Dalton, Photo: Madrasraj

The roles that Timothy Dalton has taken on are very elaborate and leave a solid impression for the audience. He is one of the men that has played the lead in the popular James Bond movies. He has also been in many Shakespeare style productions. In recent years, he has done voice work in animated films, including Toy Story 3.

Timothy Dalton was born in North Wales. When he was 16, he saw MacBeth and knew he was going to become an actor. He enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then toured with the National Youth Theatre. In 1966 he joined the Birmingham Theatre. His first film debute was in 1968 and was called The Lion in Winter. He continued to be involved in various films that did quite well through 1985.

Roger Moore was the previous James Bond, and in 1986 Timothy Dalton was approached to fill those shoes. It is a role that he was in until 1994. There was a big problem with red tape issues for productions with one of the movies, so there was a 5 year hiatus. When the green light was given to start up again, he no longer wanted to do so.

After the James Bond movies, Timothy Dalton really spread his time doing what he loved the most. He dabbled in theatre productions, TV movies, and other productions. Many of the characters he selected were unlike anything he had done before. Rather than remaining in roles that he was comfortable with, he wanted to continue to challenge himself.

While he has never been married, he has been linked to a variety of women over the years. He has one son. He is never far from the spotlight these days due to the variety of charity work that he does. Many of these activities include promoting rights for children.

How much is $10 Million Really?

You may think that Timothy Dalton isn’t a great actor when you see his worth of $10 million. However, you have to think about the fact that his acting career started decades ago. Back then, actors weren’t making the millions that they do these days for a single film. Since he has such a love for theatre, there are a few for sale in California that he may consider. Los Robles in Pasadena is for sale with a price tag of $8 million.

He has a passion for Shakespeare, and there are plenty of early costumes out there that are auctioned off. The other $2 million could easily be spent on those costumes and artifacts from those early productions. Nothing would give the stage productions more reality than using items from original productions so long ago.

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