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How rich is Hugh Laurie?

Name: James Hugh Calum Laurie
Born: 11 June 1959
Occupation: English actor and author.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie, House

James Laurie first came to the public attention in 1982 when he appeared on British television in the show The Cellar Tapes , an adaptation of the revue by the Cambridge Footlights Club with the same name.  Since then he has appeared in a number of films, plays and TV shows, such as Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson, A Bit of Fry & Laurie with Stephen Fry, and most famously as Dr. Gregory House in the US drama House.

It is estimated that Laurie was paid a stunning $400,000 per episode.  The show lasted about 170 episodes, theoretically earning him nearly $70 million, however it is very unlikely that his pay was anything near that for the first few seasons.  Still we are estimating that Laurie has made about $22 million on his role in House.

His first book, The Gun Seller, was a great commercial success – particularly in France where it sold more than 100 000 copies.  All in all we estimate that Laurie made about $600 000 in royalties on The Gun Seller.

In addition, of course, comes other TV appearances, commercials, investments in other productions and return on general investments in the bond and stock market.  We estimate that Laurie’s net worth is about $35 million (GBP 22 million).

So how much is 22 million pounds really? 

If Hugh Laurie wanted to take a long taxi trip, he certainly could do so.  £22 million should pay for a trip of 5 million miles.  That is only 1/30th of the distance to Mars, but still enough for 10 return trips to the moon.  Of course, London taxis are notoriously reluctant accepting £50 bills, so he would have to pay with 1,1 million £20 notes.  Which would weigh 1100 kilos.

Should Laurie not fancy a lengthy taxi journey, he could spend his money on 37 million cans of Coke.  Or 28 million kilos of granulated sugar.

And if you feel a bit jealous of Hugh’s fortune, think of it this way.  If he sold everything he owned and spent it all on milk, all it would be enough for is to fill 120 Olympic size swimming pools.

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