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How rich is Colin Firth?

Name: Colin Andrew Firth
Born: September 10, 1962
Occupation: Actor

Colin Firth, Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci
Colin Firth, Photo: Caroline Bonarde Ucci

Colin Firth was born in the UK and is a well-known actor. His career started on stage and has expanded to commercials, TV, and film. He became a household name after his 1995 role in Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Darcy. Both of his parents were teachers and instilled in him that he should follow what he was passionate about.

After completing high school, Firth moved to London in order to join the National Youth Theatre. After a few years, he enrolled in the Drama Centre in London. Here, he was spotted in his role of Hamlet by Julian Mitchell, a playwright. This lead to him being offered rolls in several productions that took place over a period of 5 years.

Much of his work hasn’t been to make money, but instead to offer awareness and support for various topics. Among them are the short story Speaking with the Angel in support of Autistic children and the book We are One which depicts the various cultures found around the world. In 1997 he married producer Livia Guiggioli. The couple have two children.

An Honorary Degree was bestowed upon him in 2007 from the University of Winchester. In 2011, Firth won an Academy Award for working on the film The King’s Speech. He has starred in over 42 productions and they have earned more than $900 million! In 2012, he was honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

So how much is $14 million dollars really?

Giving back to the community and globally is a big part of what Firth is all about. With $14 million, he would be able to buy plenty of air time and distribution as well as create some amazing films to get the attention of others about particular causes. He would also be able to pay for some top names to star in them. With the A list costing at least $2 million each for a film, he would have some great options.

He also has a solid desire to go see people and how they live in various cultures around the world. At least $1 million of his net worth could be spent for him to travel by plane and by boat to all of those regions that he would like to experience first-hand. What a wonderful way for a director to gather the data and information he needs for creating realistic films that capture the heart of the cultures.

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  1. Just checked = We Are One is a book he contributed to as well – not a film

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