How rich is James Patterson?

Name: James B. Patterson
Born: March 22, 1947
Occupation: Author

James Patterson, Photo: Susan Solie-Patterson
James Patterson, Photo: Susan Solie-Patterson

Anyone that loves edge of your seat thrillers that you just can’t put down has read something by James Patterson. Perhaps the biggest selling and most well-known books he has created are those that center around a character by the name of Alex Cross. He has quite an array of books though as he has also written romance novels and a few non-fiction books. Readers can download free Kindle books that include the first few chapters of his books on Amazon to get a taste of his different writing styles.

Patterson was born and raised in New York. He enjoyed theatre, reading, and writing a great deal growing up. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in English from Manhattan College and his Masters of Arts in English from Vanderbilt University.

Even though his first novel was published in 1976, he was involved in a career focused around advertising until the mid-1990s. It wasn’t until he retired that he focused on only his writing. In 2005 he established the James Patterson Page Turner Awards. Each year he donates more than $100,000 to help with programs that promote a love of reading and writing for youth.

There are numerous awards that Patterson has won over the span of his career. He has had 5 books on the New York Times Bestseller List which is a huge accomplishment. This is more than any other author. Many people don’t know that he has also done well with writing a few children’s books.

He has often been criticized by the media as well as by other authors. Yet he doesn’t give in to such pressures and finds that he is very fond of his writing. He also enjoys discovering fans that have been involved with reading his books for a long term span as it shows that he is offering something grand to society. His current worth is somewhere in the ballpark of $250 million.

So how much is $250 million dollars really?

Patterson is one of the writers willing to stand up for the libraries and physical copies of books. He fears that the digital era of technology will bring an end to those components that should be preserved. He is also up to bat for the small bookstores that are often in jeopardy of remaining open. Creating a new library full of books can cost about $5 million when done correctly. His contribution of 50 such libraries could really make a difference in the way that operations are done.

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