How rich is Johnny Knoxville?

Name: Philip John Clapp aka Johnny Knoxville
Born: 11 March 1971
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, Stuntman

Johnny Knoxville, Photo: www.promiflash.de
Johnny Knoxville, Photo: www.promiflash.de

Johnny Knoxville was born in Knoxville, Tennessee to Lemoyne and Philip Clapp. His father was a used car salesman who had a love of gags and enjoyed playing jokes on young Johnny. Growing up under his father led Johnny to have a good sense of humor, which would later show in his professional work. After graduating from high school Johnny moved to California to make his break in Hollywood. He got work as an extra and in a few commercials, although he didn’t get the success he was seeking. To supplement his income he began writing articles for several magazines.

Johnny eventually came up with the idea of testing self defense products and equipment with a twist. He would test them on himself. His stunts were filmed for the magazine Big Brother, which had them put to video. The videos got notice and Johnny signed with MTV to do a show called Jackass. He kept getting parts in movies and was in films such as Grand Theft Parsons, Walking Tall, The Dukes of Hazzard and The Ringer. The show Jackass was a hit and movies of the same name began to follow. To date there are five Jackass movies. With his years in movies and the huge following of his Jackass films we estimate Johnny Knoxville to be worth $75,000,000.

So how much is $75 million dollars really?

With Johnny’s over the top amount of injuries he’s suffered (at his own hands), we can only imagine the amount of emergency medical supplies he’s needed.  For $75 million Johnny could afford to buy 945,378,150 Band-Aids.  Or knowing him, he may need something to stop the bleeding like some 2 inch gauze.  With $75 million dollars he could have 602,941,178 yards of the stuff.  That translates to about 550,000,000 meters. With that much gauze, Johnny could afford to wrap it around the world 13 times.  But since so many people think 13 is an unlucky number, maybe he should just stick to making a jackass out of himself.

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