How rich is Dean Koontz?

Name: Dean Ray Koontz
Born: July 09, 1945
Occupation: Author

Dean Koontz, Photo: (extract, fair use)
Dean Koontz, Photo: (extract, fair use)

Dean Koontz is well known for his thrilling suspense novels. He also tosses in plenty of science fiction to keep you on your toes. The first novel he wrote and published was Star Quest in 1968. He has a very loyal fan base that continues to follow him and his new work as well as his early works. Plenty of his work has also been turned into TV films or movies for the big screen.

Growing up, life was very hard for Koontz. His family lived in poverty and his father was an abusive alcoholic. His mother stood up to his father and many of these events are written about in his materials, both by name and under pen names. Koontz wrote as a child and in high school he won a competition sponsored by Atlantic Monthly Magazine.

He completed his degree in teaching in 1967 and began working hard as an advocate against poverty. He also started writing novels around this time. By the 1970s he was writing many books per year under a variety of names. However, his breakthrough was in 1980 with the publication of Whispers.

Ironically, there are plenty of works out there that Kootnz gets credit for that he claims he never wrote. They are under pen names but he claims that they aren’t his and that someone else has been promoting them as such in order to make more sales. Some of the avid fans of this author will tell you that they have a hard time believing he didn’t write them due to the style of writing being so parallel down to some unique quirks that only a serious fan would ever recognize.

So how much is $125 million dollars really?

Koontz has made it no secret that he isn’t a big fan of politics and all of that hoopla that comes with it. Even though he and his wife have backed various political figures in the past, his feelings have changed. He feels that many programs make people dependent on the system instead of making them work on improving who they are.

Being left alone to do as he wishes without the media critiquing all of it is perfect for him. Perhaps buying a lovely island that is isolated where he can be in complete control over all around him would make him one happy guy. Gardiners Island, not far from New York, may be the ideal place for a cost of $125 million! It’s more than 5 square miles with 1,000 acres of forest.

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