How rich is Brendan Fraser?

Name: Brendan James Fraser
Date of Birth: December 3, 1968
Profession: Actor

Brendan Fraser, Photo: cdnmusicdiva
Brendan Fraser, Photo: cdnmusicdiva

The good looks and charming smile of Brendan Fraser make him ideal for a variety of roles. Yet many have felt he doesn’t always select what is best for his career. He has a long list of quirky films that don’t really allow him to explore the depth of his acting skills. Among them are Looney Tunes Back in Action and George of the Jungle.

The most notable of all roles for Brandan Fraser has been in The Mummy. Three instalments of the movie were made with releases in 1999, 2001, and 2008. They allowed him to be taken more seriously as an actor than many of his previous roles.

He was born in Indiana to parents who are from Canada. His mother worked in sales and his father was a journalist. The family moved often and he spent time in California and Switzerland among many other locations while growing up. He started taking theatre classes in 1990 while living in Seattle.

The goal was to then start acting school in Texas. However, those plans changes when he stopped in California on the way. He decided he would see if he could get his foot in the door. He was given a small role to re-enact for America’s Most Wanted and in 1992 he was cast in the hit Encino Man which was a fun show for the youth. He got outstanding reviews for the drama School Ties in 1994 along with Matt Damon.

Brendan Fraser has a very giving heart, in terms of both his money and his time. He is involved with various organizations including Kids Cancer Connection Inc. and Make Poverty History. Most of his charity work deals with organizations focused on children or families. He is currently divorced from Afton Smith. The couple has 3 sons together. He is believed to currently be worth $45 million.

How much is $45 Million Really?

Brendan Fraser loves thrills and what the future holds. Surrounding himself with Diesel Powered Mega Warriors would be entertaining. They cost $1.5 million each so he could easily buy 30 of them for a cool $40 million.

Getting a record deal these days does take money. With about $5 million of that money he could create his own studio and record label. In the movie Air Heads, they were frustrated that they couldn’t get a record deal. The idea would be to give those that want a chance the opportunity to succeed. It wouldn’t be all about the corporate politics that drives the record labels today. With $500,000 per artist for recording and promoting he would be able to help 100 of them.

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