How rich is Nora Roberts?

Name: Eleanor Maria Roberts
Born: October 10, 1950
Occupation: Writer

Nora Roberts, Photo: Dev Librarian
Nora Roberts, Photo: Dev Librarian

Nora Roberts was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her parents were very quiet and creative individuals. They both had a love of reading which their daughter also picked up at an early age. However, she also loved to create stories in her mind so by the time she was in middle school she was taking those ideas and putting them on paper. Today, there are over 280 million copies of her books to be found around the world!

Her first marriage resulted in 3 children that Roberts stayed at home with. Her days were busy with them but at night she was able to work on her stories and romance was a big part of them. She divorced in early 1980s and married her second husband in 1985. Ironically, she had hired him to build some bookshelves for her home and the romance grew from there. They own several bookstores together.

Roberts is a very disciplined writer, and puts in a full 8 hours every day that she is writing. She is known to be a workaholic, and has to really focus on not working when she is on vacation. She doesn’t usually travel far though as she has a very big fear of flying.

Roberts is estimated to be worth approximately $150 million! She has written more than 200 romance novels. Several of them have also been turned into movies that frequently air on the Lifetime Movie channel. She was the first person inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame.

So how much is $150 million dollars really?

Roberts has often stated that she hates to fly, but she doesn’t mind being on a boat, as long as she has all the perks of home. She can travel to a wide number of destinations if she were to go on the gigayacht offered by BVI. This is a charter yacht with a full service crew to man the vessel, to make meals, for cleaning up, and even for entertainment.

The cost of this luxury excursion is $1 million per month which also includes the cost of the crew and the services that they provide. Just think of the romantic novels that Roberts could create while being aboard such an awesome yacht for the next 15 months! The money she would make from those new books would be more than enough to replenish her accounts!

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