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How rich is Mancow Muller?

Name: Matthew Enrich “Mancow” Muller
Born: June 21, 1966
Occupation: Radio and television personality


Mancow Muller, Photo: Jaddwooka
Mancow Muller, Photo: Jaddwooka

Born in Kansas City, Missouri as Matthew Erich Muller, the man now affectionately referred to by his fans as “Mancow” has built a name for himself as a relatively controversial radio personality. After receiving a Theatre degree from Central Missouri State University, he started his career by working for Kansas City radio station KMOK.

Mancow didn’t make a true mark on the national circuit until 1993, while working in California. At the time, he chose to do a parody of an incident involving former President Bill Clinton causing traffic delays at LAX. Mancow’s stunt involved blocking the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and resulted in him being prosecuted, ultimately serving probation, serving community service hours, and paying some hefty fines. That’s not to mention the $1.5 million lawsuit KYLD-FM had to settle as well.

He who speaks loudest generally gets the most attention. The Mancow Radio Experience, his current show based out of Chicago, is considered a politically incorrect listening experience and has earned him disdain from all sides of the political spectrum. He even, at one point, had a relatively public and long-lasting feud with Howard Stern. That’s what you get when two outspoken shock jocks butt heads.

Despite the opinions of his critics, Mancow’s show is considered one of the most captivating in the country. In 2003, Mancow co-authored a memoir and collection of comical and crude stories about his youth. He’s made appearances on Party of Five, Sons of Anarchy, and several other television shows and most recently began his role as a star in his brother’s show, God, Guns, & Automobiles.

Even though his professional life may give many much cause for pause, he is currently estimated to be worth $10 million. Mancow’s personal life seems a lot calmer. In 2003, he married former publicist Sandy Ferrando. He and his wife have twin daughters and Mancow can, from time to time, be heard discussing his views on Christianity and his faith.

So how much is $10 million, really?

It seems pretty obvious that his daughters, Ava Grace and Isabella Sofia, will want for nothing later on. But what if dad got a bit creative with his spending? His love of guns and political incorrectness could lead him to a local IL gun shop where he could get 17,857 Springfield Armory XDS-9s pretty soon, for no reason other than the fact that he can.

That seems wasteful, though, doesn’t it? Based on an article he wrote for the Chicago Sun Times back in February of 2013, it seems like he could be more likely to donate his excess to a good cause. According to the byline the magazine added to his article about marriage, his fee was donated to Wing Madness, an organization directly benefiting The Starlight Children’s Foundation Midwest.


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