How rich is Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

Name: Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson
Born: August 16, 1969
Occupation: Television personality, Duck Commander COO, and duck hunter

Jase Robertson, Photo: <a href="">A&E</a>A&E
Jase Robertson, Photo: A&E

Born to Marsha “Kay” and Phil Robertson in Bernice Louisiana, Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson is the second of four sons. He’s been a hunter, fisherman, and self-proclaimed “frog catcher” for as long as he can remember. His father was actually a star football player with NFL offers, but he chose to bypass professional football so he wouldn’t have to miss out on his favorite time of year – duck season. He started his Duck Commander business in a tiny shed and passed his love on to Jase, who spent as much time with him as possible growing up.

While each of the Robertson boys has his own role within the Duck Commander dynasty, Jase has built a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker, often targeting his brother Willie, the CEO. Despite his fun-loving attitude, he spends plenty of time contributing to the company and is considered one of the best hunters in the family. His main role is to invent and fabricate the company’s duck calls.

Before Duck Dynasty aired as one of A&E’s most successful reality shows, Jase had openly expressed his concern that the show would not work as a reality series. While he recognized his family has a little bit of crazy in it, just like others, he claims he didn’t realize people would find the hunting world so interesting.

Jase and his wife Missy have been married for more than 22 years and have three children – Reed, Cole, and Mia. Jase and his wife originally started dating when they went on a “fake date” in order to stir up some jealousy with an ex-girlfriend. Their relationship stuck, though, as did their marriage and Jase’s Christian faith. Today Jase is worth approximately $10 million.

So how much is $10 million really?

If he didn’t already have free access to his famous Triple Threat duck call, Jase could easily pick up about 250,000 or so. Considering his recent issues in NYC, where he was kicked out of a hotel because they thought he was a homeless man, Jase might consider purchasing a condo if he’d like to keep going back. The average purchase price for a 4-bedroom home – each of the kids needs a private bedroom, right? – is approximately $8 million. At least that way he’d never find himself out on the street after merely asking for a bathroom, and he’d have a little extra to spare!


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