How rich is Neil Gaiman?

Name: Neil Richard Gaiman
Born: 10 November 1960
Occupation: Author

Neil Gaiman: Photo: Chenanceou
Neil Gaiman: Photo: Chenanceou

Born in Hampshire, UK, author Neil Gaiman now proudly resides near Minneapolis. His family moved around a few times, ultimately ending up in West Sussex, where his parents studied at a local Scientology center. His Jewish heritage and his family’s interest in Scientology caused a little bit of confusion in terms of his faith growing up, though he has stated publicly that he is not a Scientologist.

Neil spent the majority of his time growing up in libraries. Able to read by the age of 4, Neil states on his own website that it was his relationship with librarians that helped foster his love of the written word. He would convince his parents to drop him off at the library while they worked. He did particularly well in school – something he attributes to the joy he got from reading the textbooks.

Gaiman’s writing career took off while he was working as a journalist in England. The first novel he wrote was a biography of Duran Duran. He co-authored several others, some of which were not well written at all. He also wrote Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion, which was a biography of Douglas Adams while serving as a parody at the same time.

His most popular works include the graphic novel series The Sandman and a mini-series known as The Books of Magic. He’s written a series of stories for children and teens as well as a myriad of novels for adults. American Gods (published in 2001) and The Graveyard Book (published in 2008) are both being considered for film and television adaptations.

Neil Gaiman has three children with his first wife, Mary McGrath. He is currently married to Amanda Palmer. Of particular interest is his close relationship with Tori Amos – each has mentioned or referenced the other in writing or in song. In the early 2000’s, Gaiman was involved in litigation against Todd McFarlane regarding his rights to characters he created for Image Comics. Neil won his court battle – something that likely contributed to his estimated $18 million net worth.

So how much is $18 million really?

For someone who loves books and was influenced so much by reading in his youth, $18 million could go an awfully long way in building an incredible library. While a Facebook-picture-worthy library in the home would be stunning, Neil could also give back to the community by contributing to a stunning public library or two – especially by appealing to today’s youth with an incredible collection of comics and graphic novels!


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