How rich is Danielle Steel?

Name: Danielle Steel
Born: August 14, 1947
Occupation: Novelist

Danielle Steel, Photo:
Danielle Steel, Photo:

Due to her parents divorcing, Danielle Steel spent her childhood was spent between France and New York City. She had a love for writing short stories as a child and began writing poetry as a teenager. She graduated from a high school in New York and then attended Parsons School of Design and New York University where she studied literature and fashion design.

When she was 19, she completed her first manuscript for a novel. She also got married at the age of 19 and had her first child when she was twenty. During her early adult years, she worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency. Her marriage was a difficult one though and 9 years later she divorced. That same year, she had the encouragement to submit her manuscript for Going Home and it was published.

Ironically, Steel is a well-known romance novelist. Many would think her own love life has to be amazing. Yet, she has had four more marriages that were quite short, making her 5 time divorcee. It hasn’t made her bitter, only gave her more to write about! Her second ex-husband was later convicted for rape and the third was addicted to heroin. Her fourth husband was also a writer, Tom Perkins, and they have written books about each other!

More than 70 novels have been written by Steel and she continues to have a loyal fan base. While most of them are in the romance niche, she has also written many remarkable children’s books. She is estimated to be worth $375 million. We would hope that she was a wise woman and had prenuptial agreements in place before that long list of marriages!

 So how much is $375 million dollars really?

No one wants to be alone, and no one wants to have a long history of divorce. For Steel, that last part may be impossible to erase. However, this doesn’t mean she should have a lonely existence or that true love has to evade her. Making the same mistakes in love over and over happens to the best of us. One on one training with the best life coaches out there costs about $165,000 annually.

With her money, she can hire over 2200 of them so she is sure to get everything she needs to have a wonderful relationship in place. After all, the best romance shouldn’t just be in the books that she writes!


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