How rich is Hailee Steinfeld?

Name: Hailee Steinfeld
Born: 11 December 1996
Occupation: American actress and model

Hailee Steinfeld at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gala. Photo: Nathan Blaney,

Hailee Steinfeld at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gala. Photo: Nathan Blaney,

Hailee Steinfeld was born and raised in California to mother Cheri who is an interior designer and father Peter who is a personal fitness trainer and actor.  She began her own acting career when she was eight doing short films and commercials.  She then moved into small parts on television.  It wasn’t until she was cast as Mattie Ross in the movie True Grit that she began to get serious attention.

Her critically acclaimed performance in True Grit was honored with numerous nominations and awards, including being nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 83rd Academy Awards.  She received $100,000 for her part in the movie.  Not too bad for being only 14 at the time.

Since doing True Grit she has been focusing more on movies, having wrapped up filming for Romeo and Juliet, playing the lead of Juliet.  She also has two more movies in the works, Ender’s Game and Forgotten.

In 2011 a section of the Prada brand, Miu Miu, named Hailee as their newest spokes- model.  Although her salary representing Miu Miu isn’t listed, we estimate Hailee Steinfeld’s net worth to be $500,000 (GBP $310,000), but expect that number to keep climbing.

How much is $500,000 really?

Since Hailee is a teenager, we can only assume she would be interested in purchasing things most teenaged girls want to spend their money on.  Hailee could buy 62,500 tubes of mascara or 7,695 pairs of jeans.  If she likes shoes she could buy about 6,600 pairs of them – every color of the rainbow and then some.  If she wanted more shirts she could buy 12,500 of them.

Since most teenaged girls love to change their clothes several times a day, it might be wise for Hailee to invest in several good washers and dryers.  She could get 250 sets and be able to wash all of her clothes at once, and have room left over.

If you’re feeling like your bank account doesn’t quite match up to this young lady’s, just remember she’ll be driving soon.  With her money she would only be able to purchase 15 Toyota 4Runners – and if she wanted a Bugatti Veyron, well, she couldn’t afford it.

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