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How Rich is Judith Scheindlin of Judge Judy?

Name: Judith Scheindlin
Born: October 21, 1942
Occupation: Lawyer, judge, author, TV personality

Judge Judy Scheindlin, 2005. Photo: Susan Roberts
Judge Judy Scheindlin, 2005. Photo: Susan Roberts

Judith Scheindlin was born in Brooklyn, NY as Judith Susan Blum. She attended high school in Brooklyn and then went to Washington, D.C. To attend American University, where she earned first her Bachelor of Arts with a major in government. She then enrolled in the Washington College of Law, also at American University. At that time, she was the only female student in her law class. She later transferred to New York Law School and graduated in 1965 as “Juris Doctor,” which is the formal name for a graduate degree in law.

After passing the New York Bar Exam, Judith started her law career as a prosecutor. Mayor Ed Koch appointed her as a criminal court judge in 1982. She later moved to family court. Judge Scheindlin immediately earned a reputation for being a non-nonsense judge with zero tolerance for pitiful excuses. She was also one of the first judges to allow an “open court policy.” At the time, allowing the media and the public to observe daily proceedings was relatively uncommon.

Because of her outspoken nature, Judge Scheindlin was featuerd in the Los Angeles Times in early 1993. The Times piece caught the attention of “60 Minutes,” which then earned the attention of television producers. The famous Judge Judy show became a nationally syndicated hit in September of 1996 and has continued ever since.

Jerry Scheindlin is Judy’s second husband. The two actually divorced in 1990, but they reconciled and remarried. They have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Judge Judy has a reputation for being the highest paid TV personality on the screen today. She makes an estimated $123k per episode, averaging approximately $47 million annually. Considering she only actually works 52 days each year, she certainly isn’t doing bad for herself. Judge Judy’s net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.

How much is $150 million, really?

Judy’s favorite hobbies include traveling, snorkeling, antiquing, and shopping – go figure. She loves spending time with her grandchildren and regularly travels to Los Angels for production of Judge Judy.

Snorkeling trips, at worst, seem to cost around $60 per person, per hour. At that rate, Judy could take her husband, 5 children, a spouse or guest for each, and all 12 grandchildren on snorkeling trips around the entire world!


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