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How Rich is Adam Levine?

Name: Adam Noah Levine
Born: March 18, 1979
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician

Adam Levine in St. Louis, MO, 2013. Photo: Jazills
Adam Levine in St. Louis, MO, 2013. Photo: Jazills

Born in Los Angeles, California, Adam Levine spent his time split between his divorced parents. It was in high school that he met Mickey Madden and Jesse Carmichael, friends who would later become members of his first band, Kara’s Flowers. While they were discovered and signed a record deal, their first commercial single bombed and their first album sold less than 5,000 copies.

Several years later, after moving to New York and continuing his studies, Adam pulled his friends back together and added a 5th member to the group, now named Maroon 5. Their debut album was released in 2002 and, despite very little promotion, became a hit seller. Maroon 5 went on to create a handufl of platinum albums and won a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2005.

Levine has participated in several other business ventures as well. He has a guitar line that was made available in Target and has worked on educational campaigns designed to raise awareness of ADHD in both children and adults. You’ll also find him acting as a judge and coach on The Voice and playing a role in American Horror Story, among other projects.

Levine announced in July of 2013 that he is engaged to Behati Prinsloo, a Victor’a Secret model. Adam continues to work on a wide variety of different projects and is currently estimated to have a net worth of $35 million.

How much is $35 million, really?

Adam Levine is known to drive a 1971 Mercedes 280 SE3.5 Cabriolet. That’s a mouthful, huh? Well, that sweet ride is worth about $341,000 or so, depending on who you ask. If he had the space, he could look for about 100 of those babies, with some money to spare.

What we’d really like to see, though, is more activism in the field of ADHD. Adam Levine has done a ton of great work so far, and we’d really just love to see him continue fighting for human rights and education!


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