How Rich is Jon Stewart?

Name:  Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz
Born: November 28, 1962
Occupation:  Actor, comedian, television host

jon stewartJon Stewart was born in New York City, son of an education consultant/teacher and a physics professor. Stewart’s childhood was rough, consisting of the divorce of his parents at the early age of 11, estrangement from his father, and years of anti-Semitic bullying throughout his school years. Stewart eventually headed towards Virginia, where he went to school at The College of William and Mary. Despite majoring in psychology and chemistry, after college his jobs consisted of work as a contingency planner, contract administrator, puppeteer, busboy, and shelf stocker – among other jobs.

In 1986, Jon decided to head back to New York City. His friends thought he was funny in school, so he decided to try performing at local comedy clubs. While the true reason for his name change is not 100% clear, it was at this time that he dropped his last name and changed the spelling of his middle name, to become formally known as Jon Stewart.

In the early 90’s, Stewart launched The Jon Stewart Show on MTV, creating their first talk show. He made several appearances on a wide variety of television shows and was offered the job anchoring The Daily Show in 1999 (the name has since been formally changed to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). It is on this show, which has run for more than 20 seasons, where you can see Jon’s comical political satire and some of the most hilarious fake news reports on the air today. Jon has anchored numerous shows and awards programs and has made a series of television and movie appearances as well.

Stewart married Tracey Lyn McShane in 2000, after dating for four years. After their marriage, they both legally changed their last names to Stewart. They have a son, a daughter, a cat, and two pit bull terriers. Stewart, in his spare times, is a fan of the New York Mets as well as the New York Giants. He’s also a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen – having had him on the show, presenting him awards at various events, and even interviewing him for Rolling Stone. Jon Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $80 million.

How much is $80 million, really?

Well, considering the New York Mets were valued at $811 million earlier this year, we’ll say it’s not enough to buy one of his favorite sports teams – but we’re sure he could buy season tickets for life!


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