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How Rich is Pawn Star’s Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison?

Name: Corey Harrison
Born: May 14, 1983
Occupation: Reality television, business

Corey Harrison, Nov. 2010. Photo: Kristina
Corey Harrison, Nov. 2010. Photo: Kristina

With dreams and aspirations of one day becoming the “Boss” of the organization, Corey Harrison plays a unique role in the Pawn Stars shop, despite his grandfather, father, and friend getting more of the fame and screen time. Despite his low-key profile in the media, you’ll be interested in finding that Corey actually took an interest in his grandfather’s business at the young age of 9. He tirelessly worked for Gold and Silver Pawn in Las Vegas throughout his childhood, later becoming a partner with his grandfather and father – a partnership that did not come without struggle.

The three don’t always get along, though. Throughout the show you’ll see Corey is often at odds with his pop and gramps, mostly due to their judgmental attitudes towards his buying decisions and management skills. Corey successfully manages the day-to-day happenings at Gold and Silver Pawn, overseeing a staff of more than 30 members.

While Corey is relatively successful at what he does in the shop, he’s had other crosses to bear as well. He struggled with his weight and in 2010 decided to have lap band surgery. Between the surgery and nutritional counseling, he lost more than 100 pounds in less than a year. With a salary of approximately $300 thousand per season, Corey Harrison is now estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million.

How much is $5 million, really?

Compared to some celebrities, it’s not much, but it’s certainly enough to do a considerable amount of good in the world. Corey has been quoted as saying he enjoys supporting the charities that are important to his friends and family. When he’s not working to do things for charities or for the families of Gold and Silver Pawn employees, Corey enjoys working with nicer cards, boats, and bikes. We’re sure he could start a considerable collection!


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  1. I see your show EVery day without mixing

  2. Corey is a punk who can’t ride a motorcycle. Has anyone see him ride one? No dirt bike could support his fat ass so basically his ability to be any kind of a serious cyclist is for naught.
    He has done well riding off the coattails of his grandpas store. Without gramps they’d all be a bunch of Tarheel choads strummin each other lookin for a job.

  3. you should update that photo for a new one.
    Now he’s on a better shape

  4. all scripted shows

  5. James Rhodes

    You know something Eric? People like you should get their heads out of their asses more often. You see, when you keep your head shoved up your ass for so long, you actually deprive the Brain of Oxygen. When Corey was 9 he was already working at the Store. What were you doing at age 9? I’m betting you were watching Captain Caveman while rubbing @#$/ on your face from your dirty diaper. I’m not a huge fan of Corey but I respect the fact that rather than waiting to inherit the Store, he got in and started working. Another thing, you call him a Fatass without knowing (or caring) that he has a Metabolic Disorder that causes him to gain weight. He had Surgery and changed his diet. It won’t do any good pointing any of this out because you’re just a Loser who prides himself in hurting people. MORON!!!!

  6. louise lane

    He’s done something about it, it’s hard to loose weight, I like him anyway. He loves his family you can tell that much by just knowing him. I think that show makes people forget there own troubles, it make me laugh alot of times. My favorite person is the old man, he has a dry sense of humor
    Stop picking on people, your probably not a very happy person yourself, that’s why you find fault with other people. Lighten up! I’m glad Corey lost weight he’ll feel better. He looks really nice, just don’t get a swollen head now.

  7. FFS, general education…..

    “it’s hard to loose weight,”

    Really? I’m that loose I can’t lose any more…… Fuckwits.

  8. Morty Tashman

    Beyond disappointed in meeting Rick!

    So, I found myself in Vegas recently and wanted to meet Rick (shocking, I know). I’m a composer and have some music in some of their shows, so my lady and I stopped by his bar to see if we could meet him. With Antwaun sitting at the bar, I soon realized that he was Rick’s bodyguard; it was blatantly obvious, since he was like a frickin’ shadow wherever Rick would go (aside from behind the bar).

    I approached rick and introduced myself, citing my reason for wanting to meet him. He couldn’t have cared less. When I then asked if I could have my lady take our picture, he pointed to Antwuan and said “Ask him”…to which Antwaun shook his head horizontally. Are you f’n kidding me? You expect me to ask someone else if I can have a picture with YOU, Mr. Harrison?

    We even wasted our time ordering drinks before the Superstar arrived at his own bar. At least the server was nice. 🙂


  9. Stephanie flaherty

    Wow good to know they don’t care about the people who keep their shows going.
    Next time I go to Vegas ill know not to bother with a jerk

  10. I wish I had just $20,000 to pay off my credit card debt.

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