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How rich is Lily Collins?

Lily Collins at WonderCon 2011. Photo: MuseLed.
Lily Collins at WonderCon 2011. Photo: MuseLed.

Name: Lily Jane Collins
Born: 18 March 1989
Occupation: Actress, Writer, Model, Singer, TV presenter

Lily Collins was born in Guildford, Surrey, England.  Her mother Jill Tavelman was the second wife of the famous Phil Collins.  Her parents divorced when Lily was only five and her mother moved her to the United States.

She was cast in the BBC series Growing Pains at the age of two and also performed at the Youth Academy for Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.  From the time she was a teenager she began writing for various publications including Teen Vogue and Elle Girl.  It was a natural transition to continue her love of writing at the University of Southern California where she majored in Broadcast Journalism.  Her education in this helped her as a presenter for Kids Pick the President on the kids channel Nickelodeon.

Lily is also an actress with both television and movie credits.  Her breakout role was in The Blind Side staring as Sandra Bullock’s daughter Collins Tuohy.  She has since been in Priest, Abduction, and Mirror Mirror co-starring with Julia Roberts.

Lily began modeling as a teenager and has modeling credits to her name working for Glamour magazine, Fashion magazine, Vanity Fair, and Chanel.

With Lily’s wide range of occupations, we estimate that her net worth is $2 million (GBP $1.2 million).

So how much is $2 million dollars really?

If Lily were missing her dad Phil Collins, she could easily make 2,000 round-trips to see him in London.

If she was interested in purchasing copies of a Teen Vogue she has written for she could purchase 668,900 of them.  If she wanted to send some to her dad she could mail 48,780 of them first class for him to look at.  That would be a lot of fuel for the plane to carry an additional 39,000 pounds on board, but she could afford it.

But if $2 million seems like a lot of money, just remember that even Lily couldn’t afford the world’s most expensive stamp.  The Treskilling Yellow stamp was printed in Sweden in 1855 and it is currently valued at $2.3 million dollars.  Then again, she could always ask dad for a loan.

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  2. Yeah, except her dad, Phil Collins live in Geneva, not
    London. Funny how little these so called journalists know.

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