How Rich is Bob Saget?

Name:  Robert Lane “Bob” Saget
Born:  May 17, 1956
Occupation:  Comedian, actor, television host

Bob Saget, O&A Traveling Virus, 2007. Photo: Lietmotiv
Bob Saget, O&A Traveling Virus, 2007. Photo: Lietmotiv

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Bob Saget’s mom was a hospital administrator and his father was a supermarket executive. It might be hard to believe, but Bob’s original career ambition involved medicine. While he originally wanted to become a doctor, one of his high school English teachers encouraged him to use his creativity and lean more towards film.

Bob went on to obtain his BA from Temple University’s Film School and then began taking graduate courses at the University of Southern California. His graduate career lasted mere days and he has, in interviews, described himself as young and cocky.

While he has had an interesting career in comedy, most people recognize him as a wholesome family guy, recognizing him for his roles in Full House and as the commentator for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Today, he voices the narrator for How I Met Your Mother, playing the voice of the future Ted Mosby.

What most people don’t realize is that Bob Saget’s comedy career is known for its vulgarity. While insanely funny and entertaining, it’s not meant for the same Full House audience that thinks they know him!  Bob Saget’s net worth is currently estimated to be $100 million.

How much is $100 million?

It’s enough for him to continue supporting his favorite charities, including the Scleroderma Research Foundation. Bob has disclosed in interviews that his own sister was diagnosed with scleroderma in her early 40’s and died just 4 years later. His organization, with the support of several other celebrities, has raised more than $25 million to go towards finding a cure.


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