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A&E Suspends Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson, Photo: /a (extract, fair use)
Phil Robertson, Photo:A&E (extract, fair use)

The news has left fans in an uproar. On Wednesday, A&E announced the suspension of Phil Robertson, the well-known head of the Duck Dynasty clan.

But why was he suspended?

In an interview with GQ, Robertson made what can only be described as graphic comments about homosexuality. The January issue of GQ features Phil Robertson talking about sin and his belief that homosexuality is a sin and allows other sins to “morph” from it.

The nature of his comments put A&E on the defensive, claiming that Robertson’s views do not reflect those of the network, which has always shown support of the LGBT community. 

This writer knows two things. First, freedom of speech does not equate freedom of consequence. While everyone has the right to their opinion, they can’t expect to not see backlash from those that are voiced publicly. That seems to be exactly what happened here.

Second, in industries like entertainment (and in other major corporate industries), many celebrities sign contracts that contain morality clauses that give the networks the ability to suspend or fire those who do not behave publicly in a way that properly represents the network or the show. Robertson’s opinions aside, it seems like – if he has a contract like this – he probably breached it.

What remains to be seen is what A&E will do in the long run. Duck Dynasty is an incredibly popular show, so whether or not it could continue without Phil remains to be seen. And how much would the network stand to lose if they decided to cancel the show altogether? I sincerely doubt it’ll happen.

Regardless, fans and supporters of the Duck Dynasty clan have been incredibly vocal about their disagreement with the suspension. What do you think?



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  1. Coach Kerry Roberts

    In your article of Miss Kay, you used the word quite when you were defining a woman as quiet!! Spell check my dear!! Lol

  2. I agree with Phil Robertson. The network shouldn’t be held responsible for a persons opinions. Everyone is free to express themselves. He holds fast to his faith and I applaud him.

  3. Mark Schlosser

    Need more people like Phil Robertson that speak their minds against homosexuality and may God bless him and his family

  4. Donald Bliss

    I am sorry but I am not a fan of this shows that dress up in camo’s and do nothing for a half hour. I don’t like Swamp People either. I don’t think a show about shooting things is very entertaining.

  5. Donald Duck

    Donald Bliss then simply don’t watch.

  6. warum homosexuelle, in der Öffentlichkeit diskriminieren und dann seine Äußerung under den christlichen glauben gerechtfertigten?.
    ich bin nicht der Meinung von ihn , den jeder mensch ist mit Respekt und ehre zu behandeln .
    den das ist der wahre christliche Gedanke , den menschen zu so achten wie er ist .

  7. I am not of his opinion that his aversion to homosexuals is public. and then believe his opinion to be right in his Christian.
    For me dan is no believe that everyone should be treated with respect and ears. That’s the critical thought

  8. Need more people to side with Christian belief that God created one man and one woman. Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Those that promote homosexuality will receive their reward in the lake of fire. Thanks Phil!

  9. I dont believe in homosexuality, but I believe we should treat everyone with respect. As jesu
    s said he without sin cast the first stone. It’s not our job to tell someone they will burn in hell. If you truly read the bible it says god will be the one to judge not us.

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