How Rich is NFL Player Peyton Manning?

Name: Peyton Williams Manning
Born: March 24, 1976
Occupation: American football quarterback

Peyton Manning, August 2012.
Peyton Manning, August 2012.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s safe to say Peyton Manning is one of the most talked-about professional American football players in the NFL. Young and full of energy, Peyton comes from a family of football players as the son of former quarterback Archie Manning and the brother of quarterback Eli Manning.

Peyton Manning’s sports life has always been competitive. During his senior year at Isidore Newman High School, his record for throwing and winning made him one of the top recruits. His winning spirit carried over to the University of Tennessee, where he set more than 42 different NCAA, school, and conference records. Part of his success is attributed to his tireless efforts to study the game itself. Manning could often be found studying tapes so that he could learn as much as possible about his opponents.

Peyton’s rookie year in the NFL came in 1998, when he was the first choice of the Indianapolis Colts in the draft. During that year he set 5 rookie records. Since then he has been voted MVP four times – in 2003, 2004, as the Superbowl MVP in 2006, and again in 2009. He missed the entire 2011 season after having two neck surgeries, one in May and one in September. Trainers weren’t sure he’d be able to return to the NFL, and the Colts released him in March of 2012. He negotiated a contract with the Broncos and returned to the field in late August of 2012. He started the 2013 season by throwing 7 touchdowns in a single game.

Peyton Manning married his wife, Ashley, in 2001 and they have twin children – one boy and one girl. Peyton Manning’s net worth is currently estimated to be approximately $145 million. His annual salary of approximately $30 million comes half from his football salary and half from endorsements and other interests.

Just how much is $145 million?

Peyton, Eli, and their father have written two books – one in 2000 about their lives and careers and another in 2009, a storybook for children. Peyton could easily retire and write more children’s books. He has also been an active supporter of the Republican party and is a devout member of the Presbyterian Church. It would be heartwarming to see Peyton do more with community services through the church.



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