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How rich is Mila Kunis?

Name: Milena Markovna Kunis
Born: 14 August 1983
Occupation: American Actress

Mila Kunis attending the Premiere of "Max Payne" Hollywood, CA.  Photo: Toglenn.
Mila Kunis attending the Premiere of “Max Payne” Hollywood, CA. Photo: Toglenn.

Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, USSR.  Her family moved to the United States when she was only seven years old.  As a young child in America, Mila’s best friend helped her to learn English.  When she was nine years old she began acting lessons, and got her first big role playing Jackie Burkhart on That 70’s Show.  Although her earnings aren’t reported for playing Jackie, it is estimated that by the end of the show’s run she was earning around $100,000 per episode.

Roughly a year after landing the role as Jackie Burkhart, Mila began voicing the character of Meg Griffin on the show Family Guy.  For her voice-over work, we estimate that she makes $15,000 per episode, which would be in line with what the other voice talents on the show earn.

Television work has lead to Mila being cast in several big production movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Book of Eli, Black Swan, and Friends with Benefits co-starring with Justin Timberlake.  The average worldwide gross earnings from her movies are roughly $88 million per film.  Although she is getting more big screen time she has been quoted as saying that she prefers the steady salary of television to the lump sum of a doing a movie.

In late 2011, Mila was signed on as the new face of Dior.  This is her first endorsement and estimates of her earnings hover around the $2 million mark.  From television to movies to her new Dior endorsement, we can estimate Mila’s net worth to be $30 million (GPB 19 million).

So how much is $30 million dollars really?

Let’s say Mila wanted to continue with her Black Swan persona.  She would be able to purchase 600,000 leotards or 171,428 pairs of ballet toe shoes.  Or if she wanted to see the New York Ballet Company perform, she could buy 240,000 tickets or take a guest each night and see 120,000 shows.

If Mila wasn’t interested in attending over 328 years of nightly ballet performances, she could always spend her money on bottled water.  She could have 30,000,000 bottles to drink or share with a few friends.  Jealous?  Don’t be, it’s only enough for 4 Olympic size swimming pools.

If you’re still feeling a bit begrudging of her wealth, though, just remember, even Mila couldn’t afford to pay the $1.4 billion makeover for the New York Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts where the ballet performs.  But had she had her wealth in the late 1950’s, she could have helped out by donating it to pay for 16% of the building’s original cost.

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  7. Mila Kunis is a fucking idiot because she is associated with that fucking asshole Seth Macfarlane. He is a piece of shit. I don’t find Family Guy to be a fucking awesome show at all. I am glad I did not go see Macfarlane’s Ted movies. I think Seth Macfarlane is a talentless hack.

  8. Dear Donald,
    I know your comment is around a year old and your a possible troll but what you fail to understand is Seth’s awesomeness,you see, he voice’s Peter,Quagmire,Stewie and Brian in family guy and Stan And Roger Smith on American Dad…Id say the ability to produce 6 completely different voices as one hell of a talent

    Aiden Ciron

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