How Rich is Stephen Colbert?

Name: Stephen Tyrone Colbert
Born: May 13, 1964
Occupation, Comedian, political satirist, television host

Stephen Colbert, 2012, 71st Annual Peabody Awards Luncheon. Photo: Anders Krusberg

It isn’t really surprising that Stephen Colbert, one of America’s funniest political satirists, was actually born in Washington, DC. The son of a doctor and a homemaker, Colbert was the youngest of 11 children – something I’m sure gave him quite a bit of material for his comedy later in life. Colbert has talked often about his parents, stressing how his parents favored intellectualism before all else, allowing him to question the church while maintaining his religious faith – something he didn’t understand as possible earlier in life. Because of the stereotypes he saw on television, he thought those from the south were often believed to be less intelligent, so he started working harder to suppress his Southern accent while practicing the strong dialect he heard on new stations.

Colbert originally wanted to be an actor but found improv while he was studying at Northwestern University. He collaborated on a few short shows before he became a corespondent on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. The Daily Show became The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 1999 and Colbert left in 2005 to hos his own show, The Colbert Report, where he anchors today. His show has earned him the honor of being one of the highest rated shows on Comedy Central. He’s been nominated for three Emmy Awards, has won a Peabody Award, and has even been named one of the most influential people by Time in both 2006 and 2012.

While Jon Stewart generally acts as himself on The Daily Show, Colbert has adopted a secondary persona for his character on The Colbert Report. He often jokes his last name is French, when he in fact has no French heritage at all. The idea for the show actually spun off from a segment that was originally viewed as a joke on The Daily Show. The spin-off was a hit in its first week and was signed to a long-term contract before it’s first full month on the air was complete.

Stephen Colbert lives in New Jersey with his wife, Evelyn, who he met in 1990. They have three children who are not allowed to watch his show. He recently lost his mother, in June of 2013. Stephen Colbert has a net worth of approximately $45 million.

How much is $45 million?

Not enough, if you ask me. Considering this guy is one of the highest rated comedians on Comedy Central (and I personally think funnier than good old Jon), I think he should be making far more than the estimated $6 million per year. I think Mr. Colbert needs to write a few more books and create a few more spin-off products. In other words, he needs more visibility – because I, personally, think he’s hilarious!


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