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How Rich is Betty White?

Name: Betty Marion White
Born: January 17, 1922
Occupation: Actress, comedienne

Betty White at 41st Emmy Awards, 1989. Photo: Alan Light
Betty White at 41st Emmy Awards, 1989. Photo: Alan Light

I’m thinking that anyone who has absolutely no idea who Betty White is might be living under a rock. Bork in Oak Park, Illinois in 1922, Betty relocated to Los Angeles, CA in the midst of the Great Depression. She had dreams of becoming a writer and actually wrote and acted in her high school graduation play at Horace Mann School.

Betty White actually had a tough start because a lot of the television stations she approached for work didn’t feel she was photogenic. Because of this, she turned to radio where she was able to voice commercials and play a few bit parts. In the beginning, she was willing to take just about any kind of work in order to gain exposure, and she often worked for free. Her initial radio career was cut short when WWII broke out, during which she ended up joining the American Women’s Voluntary Services with hundreds of other women.

Throughout the 40’s she continued to work in radio and then later on got her own show called The Betty White Show (later a 70’s sitcom). In the late 40’s she co-hosted Hollywood on Television with Al Jarvis and then took over the shows in 1952 after he left. Betty was nominated for her first Emmy Award in 1950. She didn’t win, but this was the first year categories had been created specifically for women – a huge achievement.

In the 60’s and 70’s, White became a public name during her stints as commentator during the Tournament of Roses Parade. She hosted the show for 19 years before NBC replaced her. They did so because she had garnered a very successful role on The Mary Tyler Moore show with CBS. She earned another public role as the hostess of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a job that lasted another decade.

Betty White has been seen on television for decades. Her role as Rose on The Golden Girls lasted from 1985 through the end of the show in 1992. After Beatrice Arthur left the show, the three remaining women went on to start in The Golden Palace, but the show was not renewed after its first season.

While White appeared in a number of shows throughout the 90’s, her career was revived throughout the early 2000’s as she worked on several film and television projects. Most recent projects include roles in Hot in Cleveland and  Betty White’s Off Their Rockers. 

Betty White was married and divorced twice before she met her third husband, Allen Ludden. They married in June of 1963 and remained so until ALlen’s death from stomach cancer in 1981. They had no children. Betty’s net worth is currently estimated to be $18 million.

How much is $18 million?

It’s really quite a bit, but considering her popularity and the length of time she’s been working I really do wonder why her net worth isn’t more.

That said, it’s plenty to continue supporting some of her favorite causes. Betty is an animal enthusiast and has done quite a bit of work with the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, Actors & Others for Animals, and the Morris Anikmal Foundation.



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