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How rich is Emma Watson?

Name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Born: 15 April 1990
Occupation: Actress and Model.

Emma Watson, VIP opening night for Somerset house ice rink. Photo: FlywithinsunYR.
Emma Watson, VIP opening night for Somerset house ice rink. Photo: FlywithinsunYR.

Having the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films as your very first professional acting gig at the age of nine is the equivalent of hitting a grand slam your first time up to bat as major league baseball player. Watson had stated her desire to become an actress at age six, and studied acting at the Oxford branch of the Stagecoach Theatre Arts school. After the first five films of the series, Watson began to understand that she was worth $16.5 million (GBP 10.5 million).

Throughout the entire series of 8 films (the last book, the Deathly Hallows, was so epic it needed to be split up into two films), reviews of Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) generally paled in comparison to Watson, who also won prestigious acting awards for each and every film. In 2010 the Sunday Times put her on their Rich List at $35.42 million (GBP 22 million), and she reportedly earned $16.1 million (GBP 10 million) just for the last two films of the Harry Potter series.

Rumours began flying when Watson started becoming a fixture in the front row of all the fashion shows, an indicator she was looking to break into modelling. She was the face of Burberry’s Autumn/Winter campaign, for which she received a six-figure fee. She also appeared in the Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. In March 2011 she was chosen to be the face of Lancôme.

After finishing her part of the filming of the last Harry Potter films, Watson began attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. After 18 months, however, she left in order to be involved in the lead-up to the release of the final Harry Potter movie. She continued her studies on an exchange program to Worcester College, Oxford, and is due back to Brown for her final year.

We put her net worth at $37 million (GBP 23 million).

So how much is 37 million dollars really? 

Attending university in the USA is no laughing matter for most Americans. Costs have continued to rise at alarming rates (GIVE EXAMPLES). Brown University costs $53,000 a year. Watson Can take her time completing her studies. Her 37 million would pay for 698 years at Brown. Maybe she’ll get a few graduate degrees as well.

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