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How rich is Nina Dobrev?

Name: Nina Constantinova Dobreva
Born: 9 January 1989
Occupation: Actress and Model.

Nina Dobrev at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Photo: Vervegirl.
Nina Dobrev at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Photo: Vervegirl.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Nina Dobrev’s family then moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was two. Modelling jobs turned into commercials and then led to auditions for films. She made appearances in such feature films as Fugitive Pieces, Away from Her and Never Cry Werewolf before landing her big break as Mia Jones in the hit television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Her four seasons of work on that series makes up the bulk of her accumulated wealth.

Her success has continued as she now plays not one but two different roles in the CW’s drama series The Vampire Diaries. Set during the Civil War, Dobrev plays Katherine Pierce, a vampire who is the object of affection of two human brothers. She also plays Pierce’s dopplegänger, Elena Gilbert, a human woman who comes between the same two brothers as vampires. Additional film credits include appearing alongside Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and with Samuel Jackson in Killing Game.

Dobrev co-hosted We Day with Joe Jonas in 2011. We Day is  an annual youth empowerment rally held in cities across Canada. It is organized by Free the Children, a non-profit group that tries to get youth in developing nations to be more socially engaged. Dobrev designed a T-Shirt that says Hunger Bites for the Me to We Style clothing company that donates 50% of its profits to Free the Children. In her own words, Dobrev says, “Having been to Kenya myself, I’ve seen the effects of hunger firsthand. It’s a serious issue both domestically and internationally that I’m very passionate about.”

We place Dobrev’s net worth at $6 million.

So how much is 6 million dollars really? 

Dobrev’s Hunger Bites t-shirt costs $35, so her $6 million would buy 171,428 of them. Of course, it might be more effective to feed the hungry directly rather than buy a bunch of t-shirts. Her $6 million would provide meals to 123,762 hungry schoolchildren for one year through the World Food Programme. She could also buy 24,000 pints of blood at an average cost of $250 each.

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