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How Rich is Lauren Cohan of The Walking Dead?

Name: Lauren Cohan
Born: January 7, 1982
Occupation: American-born British Actress

Lauren Cohan, Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel, June 2011. Photo: vagueonthehow
Lauren Cohan, Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel, June 2011. Photo: vagueonthehow

Born in Philadelphia, actress Lauren Cohan actually spent her early childhood in Cherry Hill, NJ. During her teens, her mother moved the family back to her native homeland, the United Kingdom. It was there that she attended the University of Winchester before touring with a theater company she had helped to found. After that, she split her time between London and California, working on a wide variety of projects.

Lauren’s film career started in 2005, when she was cast in Casanova. After that, she appeared in a series of other films, including Death Race 2. 

Her career really took off when she started making television appearances. Her most notable roles include Supernatural’s Bela Talbot, Rose in The Vampire Diaries, and Vivian Volkoff in Chuck. She has made guest appearances on several other shows, including Modern Family and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Cohan is currently most well known for her role as Maggie Green in The Walking Dead. She started with the show in it’s second season and became a part of the main cast in the third.

Lauren’s private life is, well, relatively private. We know that she loves kickboxing, used to model, can play the piano, and loves yoga. Rumor has it she’s also a huge fan of “Life of Pi” – both the movie and the book – of which I’m a personal favorite.  As of today, her net worth is estimated at approximately $2 million.

How much is $2 million?

Not a ton, compared to some other actors and actresses, but she’s still young and I think she can go quite far if she continues to land roles like the one she has now.

That said, I think it’s amazing that she was able to launch a theater company while in college. I think she could use her skill and some of her earnings to support youth theater programs, either in the UK or the US – maybe both!



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  1. Rick is entirely my favorite actor ever man that guy can act.second favorite Darryl he is awesome glad he wasn’t token off show but don’t like them make him look like a birch the try Darryl will come out I hope.love the walking dead.

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