How Rich is Kevin Spacey (House of Cards)?

Name: Kevin Spacey Fowler
Born: July 26, 1959
Occupation: Actor, producer, director, screenwriter

Kevin Spacey. Audi and SRT press conference in Singapore, 2010. Photo: DSeow
Kevin Spacey. Audi and SRT press conference in Singapore, 2010. Photo: DSeow

The moment you see his face you’ll know you recognize him – but from where? Kevin Spacey has been a relatively well-known name for quite some time, and he’s done quite a number of movies and television shows.

Born in South Orange, NJ, Kevin is the son of a technical writer and a secretary. He is the youngest of three children. His acting career started in high school, with his role as Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music. It was in high school that he decided to adopt his paternal grandmother’s maiden name as his stage name – thus, Kevin Spacey was created.

Spacey actually tried his hand at stand-up comedy but that career path wasn’t taking off for him. He decided to go to Julliard in New York City, where he studied drama. It was at this point that he landed his first professional  stage job as a spear carrier in Henry VI, part 1 at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

Kevin Spacey has made notable appearances in a series of great shows and thrillers. You’ll remember seeing him in L.A. LawThe Murder of Mary PhaganSeven (1995, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman)A Time to Kill (1996), and Outbreak. 

One of his most pivotal roles came in 1999 when he won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as a depressed father in American Beauty. During that same year, he found himself honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His career hasn’t really slowed. He continued with roles in Pay it Forward, Beyond the Sea, and Superman Returns. He’s also appeared on several comedy shows and has had the chance to host Saturday Night Live twice. While most of his acting credits are from movies, you can currently find him playing the role of Francis “Frank” Underwood in the hit series, House of Cards. 

Kevin Spacey keeps his personal life very quiet. So much so, in fact, that major magazines and media outlets began to assume he was gay. He finally spoke out in 1999, telling interviewers that he chose not to discuss his personal life with those he did not trust and that he did not feel his personal life should “be pimped out for publicity.” Kevin Spacey’s net worth is currently estimated to be $80 million.

How much is $80 million?

It’s enough to help him keep the Old Vic, the oldest theater in London, up and running – if he really wanted or needed to. He’s played a huge role in the development of the theater, including spending 10 years as the artistic director and taking on roles in productions. Maybe he’d consider sponsoring a youth theater program!



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