How Rich is WWE Star John Cena?

Name: John Felix Anthony Cena
Born: April 23, 1977
Occupation: Professional Wrestler

John Cena; Raw Wrestlemania Revenge Tour. Photo: Heanzey
John Cena; Raw Wrestlemania Revenge Tour. Photo: Heanzey

Born in Massachusetts,John Felix Anthony Cena is the second of five children – all boys. John attended Springfield College, where he was the Division III All-American center. He graduated with a degree in exercise physiology and worked for a limo company while attempting a career in bodybuilding.

His wrestling career started in 1999, not long after his college graduation. He started out by attending the Ultimate University held by the Ultimate Pro Wrestling organization. During this time he developed a character that was then known as “The Prototype.”

Cena went on to sign his first developmental contract with the WWE (then still the World Wrestling Federation), in 2001. He was assigned to the developmental group in the Ohio Valley. His ultimate WWE debut came in 2002, after Vince McMahon encouraged rising stars to take advantage of an open challenge that had been issued by Kurt Angle. Cena countered many of Angle’s signature moves. While he ultimately lost the match, he quickly became a favorite among WWE fans and began his own series of storyline feuds while participating in a wide variety of matches – single and tag team.

During this time, Cena’s character developed into a rapper who would challenge his opponents via freestyle rhymes. He worked hard to chase after the WWE Championship in 2003 (it wasn’t yet his time), developing his own finishing maneuvers to counter some of the moves used by his greatest competitors.

After participating in 2004’s Royal Rumble Match, Cena went on to participate in WrestleMania XX, where he won the United States Championship. Thus began his history of winning and losing his titles, as is common in WWE storylines.

Cena’s career continued with a series of wins throughout several of the WWE brands. In 2007, Cena suffered a legitimate injury. While he finished the matches as scripted, he ended up undergoing surgery to repair his pectoralis major muscle, which was completely torn from the bone. McMahon stripped him of his title the following night, ending one of the longest WWE Championship reigns in the history of the empire.

Of course, none of that stopped John Cena. He completed his rehabilitation ahead of scheduled and made a surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble where he defeated Triple H. He then fought Randy Orton in the No Way Out pay-per-view match, where he only won by disqualification (thus not earning the title). He did win it (and lose it) again later that year.

John Cena’s character has evolved since his entry into the WWE, over a decade ago. While not the current WWE Champion, his character plays significant roles within the organization and he plays roles in several storylines on Raw and in other events.

Cena’s career isn’t limited to WWE fights. He’s appeared in a WWE Studios film known as The Marine and has co-starred in at least 2 other films. He’s been on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and several other shows. He, along with Batista and Ashley Massaro, also participated in a 2007 edition of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where the children received WWE merchandise and Wrestlemania tickets as part of the makeover and home reveal events.

Cena, of course, has built an empire for himself, complete with endorsements, a line of attire, and a series of rap albums. He still works as a rapper and hip hop musician and has recorded pieces for at least one WWE soundtrack album as well.

John Cena was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau in July of 2009, but divorced in July of 2012. He currently dates WWE Diva Nikki Bella, who has recently moved into his home.  John is currently estimated to have a net worth of $35 million.

How much is $35 million?

It’s a lot, and John does a lot of good with his money. John, in conversations with Nikki (as shown on Total Divas) as to why he doesn’t want to (at this time) be married again, talks about his need to protect himself and later revealed to her that the reason is because of the amount of support he gives family members (with illnesses and for varying reasons). John also supports a number of charities and has granted over 400 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Arizona.

Carry on, John…




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  1. I like Johncena I first liked him when it was 2009. He was and still my favorite.

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    John cena, is a man of ambition, I love him.

  3. Ricky Paul

    John CENA, is a man of ambition, a man of courage. He respect people a lot, he luv kids more than any other superstar. Not much sayin, I luv dis guy. Thanks John!

  4. are you rich

  5. John cena is the greatest of all time

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    Johncena is the best

  7. Jamorion Davis

    Johnsena if you’re reading this I want you to know that you are the best wrestler that I know in the history of wrestlers

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