How Rich is Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty?

Name:  Marsha Kay Robertson (nee Carroway)
Born:  December 21, 1950
Occupation:  Television personality

kay robertson
Kay Robertson, A&E.

The ladies of the Duck Dynasty empire are quiet, but they’re not to be ignored. Kay Robertson, wife of the infamous Phil Robertson and mother to Willie Robertson, is one such lady.

Kay, known as Miss Kay to those close to her, met Phil when she was just 14. They were married when she was just 16. The couple has four boys – Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep – and also have a whole slew of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Kay’s individual claim to fame is her skill in the kitchen.  She has been quoted as saying she believes her cooking skills are the gift she was given, and it’s a gift she’s happy to use. She feeds her family members home cooked meals quite frequently and has been known to feed the rest of the neighborhood as well.

This woman is strong, too. In the early 70’s, Phil ran a bar and developed a problem with alcohol. During the times he was in trouble, Kay never left his side. She is quoted as once saying, “One man, one wife, for one life.”  Not long after this, Phil began speaking to someone about Jesus and – at the age of 28 – was baptized for the first time. Only a few years later, the Duck Commander call was born and his empire was founded.

Strange fact about Miss Kay? She once told interviewers that her favorite family member was their dog, Jesse. The thing is, every time “Jesse” gets old and dies, Miss Kay goes out and gets a new dog that looks just like the original and gives him the same name!

Kay Robertson currently has a net worth of approximately $15 million.

How much is $15 million?

Enough to help her buy new dogs, apparently. It was also enough to help her get her first cookbook, Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen, completed in late 2013.

I’m thinking she might want to consider opening a small animal rescue – for dogs, of course. She could have as many “Jesse” dogs as she’d like and she could cook for them, too!







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