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How Rich is Walt Cade (Storage Wars)?

Name: Walt Cade
Occupation: Auctioneer, reality TV star

Walt Cade. Fair Use. A&E
Walt Cade. Fair Use. A&E

As the auctioneer on Storage Wars:Texas, Walt Cade doesn’t seem to get as much attention as some of the other personalities on the show. That doesn’t mean his role isn’t important, though.

Known for being a fast talker, an incredibly important trait for an auctioneer, Cade is in charge of hundreds of different auctions annually. His average auction consists of approximately 30 different units and he generally draws a crowd of up to 300 people at each.

The larger the crowd, the more he stands to make, of course.

Thanks to Storage Wars: Texas, Cade is a little more popular than your average auctioneer. This, of course, hasn’t hurt his crowds or his bank account. He currently has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

How much is $1.5 million, really?

It’s enough to live a comfortable life, for sure. Cade’s personal life is kept relatively quiet, but he does enjoy traveling for his job and can do so very comfortably. No matter what happens to the show, Cade will likely have a very long career as a successful auctioneer.

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