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How Rich is Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty)?

Name: Missy Robertson
Occupation: Reality TV Star


Missy Robertson. A&E (fair use).
Missy Robertson. A&E (fair use).


Missy Roberton is another popular television star who has somehow managed to stay out of the public spotlight. She’s so quiet, in fact, I’m not even 100% sure when her birthday is (feel free to leave me a comment with a source if you really know for sure)!

As Jase Robertson‘s wife, Missy plays an important role in keeping the family stable – but she does so in a strong, silent manner. She’s definitely dedicated to her family and regularly posts to her Twitter account with updates about their activities (they’re in Rome as of this writing).

Jase and Missy are parents to three children – Reed, Cole, and Mia. Reed has, in the past, admitted to struggling with his family’s success and the way they are featured in the public spotlight (at one point admitting to having suicidal thoughts. He has a strong family support system, though, and his mom proudly posted pictures of his recent high school graduation to her Facebook page.

Missy and Jase have been married for 22 years. They are proud of their Christian lifestyle as well as Reed’s recent decision to attend a Christian college next semester. Missy currently has a net worth of approximately $4 million.

How much is $4 million, really?

It’s nothing to sneeze at, even if Missy isn’t your average celebrity. I have a huge feeling she’ll be using a lot of that money to support her church and some of her favorite charities. She is a Foundation Patron for the Mia Moo organization, volunteers at summer camps like Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, and participates in missionary work.


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