How Rich is Froggy Fresh?

Name: Froggy Fresh
Born: Unknown
Occupation: Rapper. comedian

We he no idea who Froggy Fresh really is. Photo:
We have no idea who Froggy Fresh really is. Photo:

Rapper Froggy Fresh is an internet sensation whose following came mostly in the form of YouTube subscribers and speculation as to who the “Southern” rapper might really be. All signs point to Tyler Cassidy, a class valedictorian from Michigan. Fresh, who previously performed under the moniker Krispy Keme, is thought to be 22 or 23 years in 2014.

Evidence that Fresh is, in fact, a stage name for musician Tyler Cassidy relies on the fact that Cassidy’s name is listed as writer of Froggy Fresh’s music and the merchandising company that sells Froggy Fresh items.

Krispy Kreme became an internet sensation after uploading the YouTube video “The Baddest”, a rap featuring what appears to be a southern accent, deadpan delivery and bad rhymes. His first video was upload to YouTube in April, 2012, and went viral. It was featured on several websites and went viral, with more than 10 million views in the first two years.

Many of his videos feature the character of “James” as a recurring villain and appear to capitalize on the idea that Froggy Fresh is at best a slow-learner.

Krispy Kreme followed up with several other performances similar to “The Baddest” on his own YouTube channel, but announced in December, 2012, that a representative of Krispy Kreme doughnuts had contacted his father threatening to sue the artist for copyright infringement. As a result, Froggy Fresh was born. The Froggy Fresh moniker has proven to be almost as popular with more than 29 million YouTube views in 18 months.

Despite the seemingly huge internet popularity, Froggy Fresh may not be ready to quit his day job just yet. He has a net worth estimated at just $10,000.

How much is $10,000?

If Froggy Fresh is Tyler Cassidy, $10,000 is enough (maybe) to cover the costs of about one semester at a state college or university.

If he felt like giving back to Krispy Kreme, $10,000 could buy him and 12,000 doughnuts, with enough money left over for some coffee or milk to wash them down.


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  1. John Wilkes Booth

    The monetary system on YouTube would make him a lot more wealthy than 10k. Do your research.

  2. Froggy Fresh

    I am the baddest of them all

  3. Froggy freshs biggest fan

    You are the bassist of them all

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