How Rich is Ana Ivanovic?

Name: Ana Ivanovic
Born: November 6, 1987
Occupation: Tennis player

Ana Ivanovic at 2008 Australian Open. Photo: Eklektekuria
Ana Ivanovic at 2008 Australian Open. Photo: Eklektekuria

Ana Ivanovic is a Yugoslavian tennis player who has seen varying success since her breakthrough success at the Zurich Open in 2004. By the time she was 18, she had defeated some of the top women’s tennis players in the world, She was 21 when she won the French Open in 2008.

Coming from war-torn Yugoslavia, Ivanovic has had to schedule her practice time around NATO bombardments and practice in empty swimming pools when a tennis court was not available. The oldest daughter of a lawyer and self-employed businessman, Ivanovic watched fellow Yugoslav tennis player Monica Seles on television when she was five and memorizing the telephone number of a local tennis clinic.

As she trained, Ivanovic spent some of her formative years scheduling her practice sessions around the expected NATO bombardment of her homeland. At 15, she spent four hours in a locker room crying after a loss, expecting her new manager to tell her that she wasn’t good enough to be a professional tennis player.

When not practicing tennis, young Ivanovic spent time playing basketball with her younger brother Milos.

Her win at the 2008 French Open bumped her to the number one women’s singles player in the world, but the ranking was not to last. After the French Open, Ivanovic slipped in the rankings, falling as far 62 before finally beginning to recover. The exact source of her troubles is uncler, but among the problems are a persistent knee injury and in early 2014, a hip injury.

Additionally, though six feet tall, Ivanovic is more lithe than 2014’s top four players, giving her a disadvantage in power. Fans of Ivanovic believe she has perhaps recovered her previous form and is moving up again in the world rankings. By July, 2014, she was ranked #11 in the world.

When not playing tennis, Ivanovic is studying finance at a university in Belgrade. She has also acted as a UNICEF National Ambassador for Serbia, where she has stated her specific interests are in education and child protection.

Ana Ivanvoic made a 2014 list of the ten wealthiest tennis players, squeaking in at #10 with an estimated $12 million net worth.

How much is $12 million?

With an estimated $12 million net worth, Ana Ivanovic may never have to worry about practicing in an empty swimming pool again. But if she wants to, she can probably build herself 120Olympic-sized, in-ground heated swimming pools for less than $12 million!

If he felt like giving back to Krispy Kreme, $10,000 could buy him and 12,000 doughnuts, with enough money left over for some coffee or milk to wash them down.


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