How Rich is Eion Bailey?

Name: Eion Francis Hamilton Bailey
Born: June 8, 1976
Occupation: Actor

Eion Bailey, December 2001. Photo: Tech Sgt Jack Braden, USAF
Eion Bailey, December 2001. Photo: Tech Sgt Jack Braden, USAF

Like many artistic types, Eion Bailey struggled in school until he discovered his passion, his being acting. Once he discovered the drama club, he found his focus, going on to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. He also briefly studies at Santa Barbara City College and has had success in film, television, and on the stage.

Bailey won a Daytime Emmy for his role of Michael in The Life of the Party. Additionally, Bailey has gotten critical acclaim for many of his roles including his portrayal of Pvt. David Kenyon Webster in HBO’s Band of Brothers.

Since the beginning of his television career in 1997, Bailey has had roles in many popular television shows and hit films. His first television role was Kyle DuFours in a episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He had recurring roles in Dawson’s Creek  and in ER while also developing a film career that gave him roles in Fight Club and Almost Famous.

Bailey has said that fans often confuse him with actors Paul Rudd and Jason Patric, perhaps believing that he has not yet had a breakout role to make his name well-known. In 2013, he added Law &Order:Special Victims Unit to the list of popular shows which he had appear on. Prior to that, he was a recurring cast member in the first two season of Once Upon a Time, playing the role of Pinnochio/August Booth.

In addition to his character actor roles, Bailey has been active in developing an open-source reality television program called Imagine This! TV. The project is designed to highlight one week philanthropic programs around the world and was inspired by Bailey’s visit to Peru, where he witnessed children walking 24 miles to go to school.

Bailey has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

How much is $3 million?

To buy a school bus to get those children to school would cost an estimated $70,000 per bus. At that price, Bailey could buy 42 school buses to prevent Peruvian children from having to walk 24 miles to school.


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