How Rich is Jimmy Fallon?

Name: James Thomas  “Jimmy” Fallon
Born: September 19, 1974
Occupation: Comedian, TV talk show host, musician, producer

jimmy fallon
Jimmy Fallon, Montclair Film Festival, 2013. Photo: Carniolus

Many people know that comedian Jimmy Fallon got his start on Saturday Night Live, but they may not know he is a New York native. Born in Brooklyn to Gloria and James W. Fallon, Jimmy began rehashing Saturday Night Live skits as a child with his older sister Gloria. He reportedly has said he only did the “clean parts” for his parents.

Even in college, Fallon was a huge fan of SNL, making viewing the show a mandatory part of life in the dorm. Fallon attended the College of Saint Rose in Albany, but dropped out a semester before he completed his degree. He originally studied computer science, but then switched to communications. In 2009, the college granted him an honorary degree, which he then displayed on SNL.

Fallon began his career doing stand up and in 1998 after a couple tiny acting roles, he was making $7.50 per set when he got the call to come back to New York and audition for SNL. His audition included some of his better impressions and musical impressions as well.  He was hired for that season as a featured player and the following year was promoted to full cast member.

After almost a decade on the show, Fallon was tapped to replace fellow SNL Conan O’Brien when Conan left the Late Show to take over The Tonight Show.  On the newly renamed Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon continued with his snarky humor, impressions and musical parodies. One of his most famous stunts was introducing then-presidential candidate and Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachman while the band played “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.” Fallon, who is very active on social media, later offered a lackluster apology and joked that he would be grounding the band’s drummer for commentary regarding the use of the song.

In February, 2014, he moved to take over The Tonight Show, bringing in a recent high of more than 11 million viewer for his debut.  In addition, he has a Grammy award-winning comedy album and has had several acting roles over the years.  Recently, he also created and was executive producer to the NBC series Guys with Kids.  Many of his film roles have been voice-overs, but he also starred in Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore.

Fallon also has guest-starred on numerous television programs and acts as both a writer and producer for his own shows.

He has an estimated net worth of $25 million. Fallon actively supports many charities, often issuing or receiving challenges from other celebrities.

How much is $25 million?

In March, 2014, Fallon took a polar plunge into Lake Michigan as part of a challenge to get Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on his show. With $25 million, Fallon could easily buy a wet suit to wear under his suit and tie the next time he agrees to brave a Polar Plunge. In fact, he could by wetsuits for everyone involved.


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