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How rich is Barry Weiss?

Name: Barry Weiss
Born: 16 Nov 1951
Occupation: Professional eccentric, collector, television presenter, and business man.

Barry Weiss.  Photo: David Gallagher
Barry Weiss. We have no idea who the other guy is. Photo: David Gallagher

Barry Weiss, not to be confused with the music producer of the same name, first came to the public attention as the weird eccentric collector in the reality television series “Storage Wars” (see also Dave Hester, Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Darrell Sheets, Nabila Haniss).

Much thanks to Barry’s eccentric stunts and barely nodding acquaintance with normality, Storage Wars has become a phenomenal success.  And Barry is climbing the celebrity ladder as the presenter of a new show called “What are You Worth featuring Barry Weiss”.

Barry’s wealth, however, does not come from being weird on television.  His net worth has been estimated at $ 10 million, with the bulk of that substantial sum coming from Northern Produce – a company he owned together with his brother Joey Weiss.

So how much is $10 million dollars really? 

Well, Barry likes buying storage lockers.  The average selling price for a locker on Storage Wars is around $ 800 (which by the way is way above the normal selling price for lockers when the cameras are off).  That means that Barry can buy a lot of lockers – 12,500 lockers in fact.  That should be enough to buy all the lockers for the next 275+ series of Storage Wars.

Barry also likes cars.  With his 10 million net worth, he could buy about 560 new Volkswagen Beetles.  Perhaps not the most exiting car in the world, but more exciting than the 4 million pounds (1.8 million kilos) of tomatoes on which he could alternatively spend his millions.  However, opting for the latter would allow him to take part in the annual tomato war in Buñol, Spain, where 100 tonnes of tomatoes are used as ammunition by 40,000 mad Spaniards and tourists in the largest tomato fight in the world.  His 4 million pounds would certainly make him a very popular ally.

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*Article Updated 5/17/14 to reflect Barry’s net worth is now $10 million instead of the originally reported $8 million!


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  1. Darryl Parrish

    Without Barry , Storage Wars would be so boring. I really enjoy his quips and comments, actions etc and to me he is a frigging hero. Well done Barryu, From your follower “Darryl” (ironic hey) in east London, South

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  3. Eugenia from Romania

    I love Barry and his true comments!

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  6. Why haven’t you done Kelly Clarkson?

  7. Pamela from Az

    Barry is crazy and unique, but he makes Storage War he’s my favorite can’t do the show without right 🙂

  8. i think barry is funny i like the show but i think hes the funniest hes all cool calm and collective especially when he brought in the pyhic with him that was funny i think he should be in comedy movies

  9. Barry Weiss makes the Storage Wars show! His sense of humor and flip attitude make the show worth watching. Dump Dave Hester and Darrell! Their cockiness and over inflated egos really don’t do the show justice!

  10. Margrethe Christensen

    from Denmark – Europe: Barry Weiss carries the show, but it would not be the show it is, if NOT Dave Hester, Darrel and the couple were in it. It is an entertaining show, we watch it every night here in Denmark. Why people are picking so on DAVE, we dont understand, he seems to be a nice and straight fellow. Us here in Denmark SALUTE, the participants of the show: Barry, DAVE, Darrel and son, Jarrod and Brandi.

    • It was on one day at work. I like the hunt so as I watched Barry caught my eye. He is my kinda guy, smart, funny, attractive & savey. He really loves life, I love to see that. And love that he had red hair when younger. There is alittle Jack Nicholson I see (lil devil!)

  11. …still, I think Barry Weiss the fruit-man and the music producer are one and the same person, he has just the advantage that internet & digital photography don’t reach so far back, if he exposes then he would no longer be interesting, just think about it: a one time successful music producer joins the storage wars, would that still be cool? – I guess not

  12. He’s a funny guy indeed. He’s like the real version of Charlie Sheen in “Two and a half men”

  13. baary is the best dude i know i have watched him for years and he is quit the go getter would be nice to mmet u one day from thomas canada ontario

  14. BARRY eres el mejor,humor subrrealista y buenos carros y motos, EL PUTO AMO.

  15. Veronike chilena

    Desde que vi la 1 vez Storage Wars, quede encantada por Barry por su forma de ser, el da la alegría a esa serie. Por eso, lo felicito y espero que siga asi con esa alma de niño aún. xd

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  17. i watch storage wars here in cork city Ireland and have to say its totally brilliant… Barry is number one….
    got yuuup hat recently and its great quality….worth the wait… happy Christmas…

  18. antonio carlos novelli

    Eu próprio assisto o programa por causa dele, é uma “figura” me divirto demais com ele, e parece que os outros participantes,também gostam muito dele! Só uma coisa, ele precisa tomar mais cuidado, quando sobe nas “tralhas” para ver algo, pois é desastrado, e sempre acaba caindo!

  19. daniel sinea sibiu

    barry ar putea fi ales ca etalon de conduita atit in afaceri cat si in particular cel putin pt.mine

  20. Show is entertaining but items found are so outta place its,obviously planted for them to find!
    as in recent news Dave Hester is suing for 3.5 mil in damages and has been fired from the show….

    good luck to Dave and shame on the producer’s for cheating the public for ratings.

    • Hi Rodent! Thanks for your input. We have already updated the Dave Hester article to reflect this news.

    • Hey there. I’m not so sure about about what you are saying, but I can tell you that one day when Dave bought a locker for 1,600 dollar, he later found a gold and diamonds bracelet, according to him worth like 5,000, and at that moment I thought he planted it there, to not look as a looser since he had bought a bunch of trash.

  21. I like Barry he has interesant personality I wish I like to taller with himm regards

  22. Hey, Barry!
    Did you get my e-mail? Do you use the telephone? If you google me at marilyn gilfenbain the beverly hills courier and click on the first listing (United Hostesses’ Charities 61st Annual Luncheon Portraits of) I’m second from the left.

    Maybe you’re away for the holidays?

    My phone number is listed in Beverly Hills. I’m not big on waiting!

  23. Ingrid from Holland

    The show is on in Spain at Energy and it’s about my most favorite show 🙂 Although I feel really bad for those who couldn’t keep up paying rent for there locker and the way “The Storage Wars Bunch” goes through there no longer belongings. Especially Barry! 🙂

    The ‘Unlocked’ final was very reveling, I had a lot of questions but ‘unlocked’ gave me (most of) the answers.

    Nog even een paar woordjes Nederlands voor het internationale gehalte van dit forum 😉 Als Nederlandse wonend in Spanje is het heerlijk dat ik de audio van de tv op de originele taal kan zetten. Dan Dobson in het Spaans lijkt me nog minder te volgen dan in het Engels gezien dat de meeste Spanjaarden nog 5x sneller praten 🙂


    • The good thing about Spain is that there is always someone who can hook you up for TV channels from all over the world 🙂

  24. Barry has an important part in the show….no doubt about it. All in all theres a certain caracter for every watcher 🙂
    I like them all.

  25. Terri hochman

    How did you do it?

  26. Francis Cassaglia

    Barry Weiss,

    What a cool dude!!

    Where does he get all those cool cars from?

    The Rock Of Gibraltar

  27. Barry makes the show!

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  30. Barry is the only reason I watch Storage Wars he livens up the show and makes me laugh.

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  33. Storage Wars was not Barry Weiss’ first television appearence. Barry was caught on camara at Jesse James’s wedding to Janine (before Sandra Bullock). At that time Barry still had some dark brown in his hair and it was mid shoulder length in a poney tail.

  34. Is Barry Weiss married?

  35. I love Barry. Me.encanta ver storage wars solo por el..



  37. BARRY Weiss is one class act.

  38. I really like your cars you drive in on the show

  39. Barry are you kin to Steven Weiss of Mels Drive in ???

  40. I would love to see Barry or jarrod or Darrell slap Dave in the mouth.YEP.

  41. Yep yep.david Hester is a creep.yep. I Like storage wars but I can’t stand Dave Hester.YEP.why don’t they get rid of him and get two more Barry’s. Barry’s cool.

  42. the beetle is not the most “exiting” car????? Proofreader!

  43. Barry is “thee show” come on guys you have to admit it, as he has definitely got the charisma and poise to pull it off as he does week after week.

  44. Celeste Maria Barbosa

    Barry you is very crazy,I love is you

  45. Rafel MERRY

    Well ! The best and my favorite is Berry Weiss, a kind man, a courteous man, having the sense of humor and full of qualities . Others , for me, are without interest. I find that they are collectors without culture , that, sometimes, are lucky and fortunate. It is one of my preferred television programs . The twins are particularly stupid.

  46. I miss Barry Weiss on Storage Wars. He is also the reason I watched Storage Wars during the first four seasons of the show.

  47. Well i am watching the show from Romania and i love it!!! Without Barry is not the same. Its a shame:(

  48. The Barry Weiss on Storage Wars is the same person as Barry Weiss the record executive. He was CEO of Island Records and Universal Records which is why there was the episode featuring Stewart Copeland of The Police.

  49. Barry Weiss would have to be Australia’s favourite ,funny as hell makes me laugh and want to go out and make money, loads of money. It’s a shame we don’t have storage auctions in Australia if we did I would be there … Show me the money…

  50. What is storage wars without Barry? Every single episode Barry is in makes me just wanna watch more. All the cool different cars he comes with. He’s my favorite! Here from Sweden!

  51. BARRY!!!! ive just seen you at Silverstone MOTOGP haha glad your in ENGLAND mate your agood man

  52. tarbet balfour

    Love this guy, a gentleman, real gem for storage wars. A character I would love to meet. Good to hear what you see on Storage Wars is what you get off screen.

  53. To the person who thinks Barry Weiss the music producer and Storage Wars guy are the same, sorry, but that is incorrect. They are two different people.

  54. Jimmy Jones

    Who is Barry Weiss ? …….

  55. Kathy Ellis

    I think Barry makes the show enjoyable. I love all of his attitude. He’s a very interesting man

  56. Raymond Crannage

    Not the same show without Barry’s humour. Such a shame as I liked the show, which is now going downhill.

  57. Arlene Cocke

    Where is Barry?
    Is he still caring for his Mother?
    He gives Storage Wars CLASS!
    I sure hope he is still around, as I watch for him!

  58. He’s sexy in my opinion and I can tell he’s got a bad boy side. 😘

  59. Barry your the best! You are the funnest person I have ever watched. You make me laugh out loud. Not very many people can make me do that. Every thing you say and do cracks me up. I watch Storage Wars everyday on Demand just so I can get a laugh from you. You make my day. You should have your own show. I want to thank you for the laughs. Cheers to you Berry. 🍸

  60. Mohd Sajid

    Hello Barry sir

  61. Mohammad Habib

    One of the good hearted : BARRY WEISS.

  62. Chris Jessop

    Barry is the best on storage wars..His humour and wit have no bounds Lol….He allways cracks me up and he makes the program entertaining to watch..Enough respt to the Man from the UK…

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