How Rich is Christopher Walken?

Name: Ronald “Christopher” Walken
Born: March 31, 1943
Occupation: Actor, screenwriter, director

Christopher Walken, 2012. Photo: Tabercil
Christopher Walken, 2012. Photo: Tabercil

I initially chose to write about Christopher Walken because it was Halloween and this man has always creeped me out a little bit. It’s something about his eyes that got to me, even as a child. But there’s no doubt about it. He’s an incredible actor.

Christopher Walken was born in Astoria, Queens, where his father owned a bakery. Their mother had always dreamed of becoming a star, Christopher and both of his brothers worked as child actors during the 50s. Walken could be found working as an extra throughout what was considered the “Golden Age of Tenevision,” and it was those roles that led him to seriously consider acting. 

He time in the 50’s was spent mostly in the theater, but he made his first major film debut in The Anderson Tapes in the early 70s. His first starring role followed, in 1972, when he played a sociopath in The Happiness Cage (The Mind Snatchers). His first award came in 1978 when he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Deer Hunter.

Just a few of his additional credits include:

  • Pennies from Heaven (1981)
  • A View to a Kill (1985)
  • True Romance (1990s)
  • A Business Affair (1984)
  • Last Man Standing (1996)
  • Joe Dirt (2001)
  • Man on Fire (2004)
  • Five Dollars a Day (2008)
  • Stand Up Guys (2010s)

Christopher Walken is, of course, famous for his ability to deadpan and use irregular speech patterns. It’s this ability to act dangerous and menacing that makes him appealing, but also funny. He’s hosted Saturday Night Live several times and is reported to be one of only two actors that have a standing invitation to do so whenever he’s able. He’s participated in several incredible skits including “The Lovers,” “Lease with an Option to Kill,” “Colonel Angus,” and “The Continental.”

Walken married his wife, Georgianne, back in 1969 and the couple do not have any children. His current net worth is estimated at $30 million.

How much is $30 million?

It’s enough to pay for a presidential campaign, of course. Back in 2006, a fake website was put on the web announcing Christopher Walken’s candidacy. He didn’t run, of course, but we’re sure he could afford to try (or at least make a SNL skit about it)!



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