How Rich is Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl)?

Name: Gillian Schieber Flynn
Born: February 24, 1971
Occupation: American author, screenwriter

Gillian Flynn, October 2014, Gone Girl Premiere at 52nd New York Film Festival. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Gillian Flynn, October 2014, Gone Girl Premiere at 52nd New York Film Festival. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Born in Kansas City, MO, Gillian Flynn is the youngest child of Judith Ann and Edwin Matthew, both university professors. As a child, Gillian is reported to have been incredibly shy, but both of her parents constantly exposed her to movies and books – even horror.

Flynn received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Kansas, where she studied journalism and English. She spent a couple of years in California before moving to Chicago to study journalism at Northwestern University, where she obtained her Master’s degree from their Medill School of Journalism.

Gillian Flynn built her name as a journalist and television critic while working for Entertainment Weekly, where she worked from 1998 until she was laid off in 2008.

While Gillian is most recently famous for the writing of her 2012 novel Gone Girl, which was just released as a movie in October 2014, she has penned two other successful pieces as well. Sharp Objects (2006) is about a serial killer and won awards from CWA New Blood and Ian Fleming Steel Daggers. 

Dark Places (2009) focuses on the life of a woman who is trying to determine if her brother really killed their family years before. Dark Places has also been made into a major motion picture and will be released as a major motion picture sometime in 2015.

Why are Flynn’s novels so successful? She claims her success is because of her experience in journalism, which she feels gave her the ability to simply sit down and work without worrying about a “muse” coming to rescue her.

Gillian married Brett Nolan in 2007 and the couple has two children. Her net worth is currently estimated to be $10 million.

How much is $10 million?

It’s certainly enough to create some great writing workshops for journalists, or even for fiction writers who have never pursued journalism. The combination of the two avenues of writing seems to have worked for Flynn – very well.

She could, of course, use some of her earnings to hunt down some of the original Pac-Man arcade games (she loves them)!


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