How Rich is Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story)?

Name: Taissa Farmiga
Born: August 17, 1994
Occupation: Actress

Can you help us find a picture of Taissa Farmiga? Please contact us.
Can you help us find a picture of Taissa Farmiga? Please contact us.

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, you’ve probably seen Taissa Farmiga’s young face on the screen. Taissa was born in NJ, the youngest of seven born to her parents, Luba and Michael – both Ukrainian immigrants. Taissa’s mother allowed her to attend public school until she was in the 4th grade, after which she decided to homeschool her an dher two youngest siblings. Taissa is of the shrinking number of young citizens who is bilingual, able to speak both fluent English and Ukrainian.

Taissa claims she never originally wanted to become an actress. She thought that line of work was better suited to her sister Vera Farmiga. Vera finally convinced her little sister to give acting a try when she was in the process of directing her first movie, Higher Ground. You might be surprised to find that, despite having no other acting experience other than an elementary school play, Taissa received quite a bit of recognition from critics at Sundance. It was this role that convinced her to pursue a career in the field.

Of course, that leads us to May of 2011, when Taissa was cast in the very first season of American Horror Story as Violet Harmon. She went on to play roles in The Bling Ring, and later in At Middleton (along side her sister Vera), before turning to American Horror Story for the third season as Zoe Benson.

Taissa went on to focus a bit more on film roles, with supporting roles in Jamesy Boy (2012), Mindscape (2013), The Final Girls (2015), In a Valley of Violence (2015). Obviously, there is a lot coming in the future from Taissa Farmiga.

While Taissa and her sister Vera are 21 years apart in age, each describes the other as her best friend. Taissa has appeared in several magazines, including Elle and Rolling Stone and has modeled Jason Wu’s clothing line for Teen Vogue. Taissa’s net worth is currently estimated at $1,300,000.

How much is $1.3 million?

It’s quite a bit for a 20-year old budding actress just getting her feet wet. We see great things in Taissa’s future and hope she evolves into a sophisticated, responsible actress and contributor to society.

Fun fact: Taissa took American Sign Language classes for three years. Maybe someday she’ll use some of her accumulated wealth to advocate for greater fluency in ASL.



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