How Rich is Travis Barker?

Name: Travis Landon Barker
Born: November 14, 1975
Occupation: Drummer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Reality TV Star, Fashion Designer

Travis Barker. Photo: Danny Lester

It’s not unusual for a musician to have a few different titles to their credit: singer, songwriter, and musician are pretty standard fare. Even record producer isn’t too far afield from the norm, but Blink 182 drummer Travis Landon Barker does all that and more. Barker is a renaissance man with a variety of interests and projects that take him beyond the realm of the usual musician.

Barker was born in Fontana, California, to Randy and Gloria Barker. His mother gave him his first drum kit when he was four and he continued to use it until he was 15. Barker’s early music training included trumpet, piano and, of course, drums. He developed a love of various types of music early on, performing his mother’s favorites and then, in junior high school, joining the school chorus for madrigals.

As a teenager, Barker dreamed of making a living as a skater, but repeated injuries on the skateboard made him give up the dream. His mother died of cancer the day before he began high school and Barker spent most of his years at Fontana High School as a self-described stoner. He was active in the high school band, playing snare drum and practiced for hours every day. In 1993, during his senior year, he gave up the high school drum corps in favor of a local punk band, “Freebie.”

Barker worked as a trash collector in Laguna Beach and almost gave up drumming to get a “real job,” but his bandmate convinced him to keep trying. The band only lasted a few years, but that was enough to get Barker to his next gig with a band called “The Aquabats.” In 1998, the band was invited to tour with Blink 182 at the same time that Blink’s drummer, Scott Raynor was in the midst of a personal crisis and battling an alcohol problem. Raynor was eventually asked to leave the band and Barker joined Blink for the remaining tour. He was part of the band when it recorded its biggest album, “Enema of the State.”

Barker continued to be involved in a number of side projects and worked with several other bands in addition to playing guest artist on a variety of albums. He parlayed his love of skating into a fashion gig with his label Famous Stars and Straps, making primarily skater-friendly fashions. He started Lasalle Records, named for his favorite Cadillac, and even owned a fish restaurant in California.

His well-documented fear of flying became even worse after he survived a private plane crash in 2008. He and DJ AM were the sole survivors and both suffered severe burns. During his recovery from the second and third degree burns, Barker overcame an addiction to painkillers, began running and pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and eventually decided to become vegan.  He has two children with ex-wife Shanna Moakler with who he briefly starred in a reality television show.

Barker has an estimated net worth of $85 million. In recent years, his preferred charities have been for other burn survivors.

How much is $85 million?

While $85 million may seem like a lot of money, it would treat only about 60 people who suffered the type and severity of burns Barker faced.


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