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How rich is Lil’ Wayne?

Name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
Born: September 27, 1982
Occupation: Rap Artist

Lil Wayne. Photo: Flicr (Weezy)
Lil Wayne. Photo: Flicr (Weezy)

Lil” Wayne has always had a great fascination for rap music and had actually written his very first rap song at the tender age of 8. He was a gifted student and was in the accelerated programs in both Elementary and Middle School. Lil’ Wayne had been asked in an interview with Katie Couric why he goes by Lil’ Wayne instead of Lil’ Dwayne, as his name is Dwayne Carter. His response was that since he’s a Jr. and his father abandoned the family when he was 2, he did not want to give his biological father any credit to the person that Lil’ Wayne has become in life.

In 1997, Lil’ Wayne became the youngest member of the Hot Boys. He was only 15 years old. The debut album was entitled Get It How You Live and two years later, Guerrilla Warfare was released which was the Number 1 album according to Billboard magazine’s Top Hip Hop releases. When Lil’ Wayne was 17, his first solo album was released. It was called The Block Is Hot and ranked third on Billboard’s list. He’s had numerous successful albums since including 500 Degreez, The Carter I, II, III and IV as well as Rebirth, I Am Not A Human Being I and II. Although most of Lil’ Wayne’s wealth was derived from his rap music, he did appear in several films including Baller Blockin’, Who’s Your Daddy and Hurricane Season. He also did a few TV appearances such as Behind the Music, Freaknik: The Musical and Saturday Night Live. Lil’ Wayne has the estimated net worth of about 95 Million dollars.

So, how much is 95 Million dollars really?

95 Million dollars is a beefy amount of money. If Lil’ Wayne wanted to find a way to spend all of his cash, he could do so by bringing some people to dinner in his hometown of New Orleans. A really good prime rib dinner with all of the fixings costs about 20 dollars in the area. Lil’ Wayne could take each of the 343,829 residents of New Orleans out to dinner for two weeks straight! 95 Million dollars is a lot of beef!

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