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How Rich is Tim Bevan?

Name: Timothy “Tim” Bevan
Born: December 20, 1957
Occupation: Producer, Executive Producer

Photo: Featureflash /
Photo: Featureflash /

New Zealander Timothy “Tim” Bevan might not be a household name, but chances are you’ve not only seen, but also loved at least one of the movies he has produced in the last thirty years. Bevan has been involved with making more than 100 films including Bridget Jones’ Diary, Shaun of the Dead, Fargo, Love Actually, and 2015 Best Picture nominee The Theory of Everything, often through his company Working Title Pictures. Bevan co-founded the production firm in 1983.

His highest grossing movie at this writing was Les Miserables, which made almost $150 million. In total, his movies have earned more than $5 billion worldwide. He has been nominated for four Academy Awards as producer, but has not yet won as Oscar. He has been named Commander of the Order of the British Empire, a honorary title gifted by the Queen for his contributions to film.

Bevan has said previously he tries to be involved in many projects at once because there is less risk involved. In 2004, for example, he produced the sequel to his hit Bridget Jones movie and Shaun of the Dead, which were successful, and Thunderbirds, which flopped.

In 2013, Bevan acted as mentor to Hurricane Films as part of a program by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. Though born in New Zealand, Bevan went to school in south west England. He and Working Title partner Eric Fellner are considered among the m=100 most influential men in Britain.  Bevan has three children, a daughter with ex-wife Joely Richardson and a boy and a girl with wife Amy Gadney.

Current information about his net worth is unavailable, but in 2002, his estimated net worth was 14 million British pounds or about $21 million. Since his most successful films have been made since then, it is only logical to conclude his net worth has increased significantly.

How much is $21 million?

With $21 million, Bevan could give $5 to every man, woman, and child in New Zealand.



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