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How Rich is David Lancaster?

Name: David Lancaster
Born: (We’re not sure yet. Do you know?)
Occupation: Producer, Assistant Director

We're bummed to say it, but haven't yet found a legal-to-use image of Tim Bevan. Know where we can find one? Leave a comment.
We’re bummed to say it, but haven’t yet found a legal-to-use image of David Lancaster. Know where we can find one? Leave a comment.

David Lancaster was a virtual unknown in Hollywood before the 2015 awards season. He had worked as an assistant director on the critically-acclaimed movie “Drive,” but had no other movie credits before producing two pictures nominated for the American Film Institute’s Movie of the Year. Both Whiplash and Nightcrawler were nominated for the AFI award and both received the award . Whiplash was also nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Picture. J.K. Simmonds won an Oscar for his role in the film.

Both movies that Lancaster produced in 2014 were well-received by critics, but were not blockbusters. Whiplash  saw only limited release and made about $11 million in its first six months. Nightcrawler  had a wider release and made $32 million in the same period. Whiplash evolved as a short film and then a longer piece and finally a feature film, debuting in 2014 at the Sundance Film Festival. It won three Oscars: the one for Simmons, one for film editing and one for sound mixing.

Nightcrawler also debuted at a film festival, first screened in Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It received an Academy Award nomination or best original scrrenplay.

Drive,  which Lancaster worked on as an assistant director, was also highly lauded, making it likely that Lancaster will be in high demand for future work. Of the two movies he has produced, Nightcrawler had the higher budget, costing $8.5 million to make. However, despite the accolades, neither movie was considered a blockbuster, so Lancaster’s earning from them is probably limited.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that most newbie producers earn about $250,000 per movie. If that’s the case for Lancaster, his net worth would be about $500,000.

How much is $500,000?

In Hollywood, $500,000 is struggling to get by and not enough to buy even a modest home in the nicer parts of town. But for Lancaster, it is likely just the beginning.



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