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How Rich is Robert Lorenz?

Name: Robert Lorenz
Born: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Producer, Assistant Director, Director

Photo: Joe Seer /
Photo: Joe Seer /

Robert Lorenz is an American television and movie producer who was among those nominated as a producer for American Sniper for a 2015 Academy Award. The film did not win, but it was the third time he has shared a nomination with Clint Eastwood. He was also nominated for Mystic River and Letters from Iwo Jima.

Lorenz has served as assistant director or producer or both on several of Eastwood’s films and his 2012 film Trouble with the Curve starred Eastwood. In fact, after 2008’s Gran Torino, Eastwood had suggested he was giving up acting, but returned to big screen for the part of baseball scout Gus.

His directorial debut was financed by Eastwood’s production company and had a $60 million budget. The film had worldwide box office earnings of $47.8 million.

Lorenz association with Eastwood has been long and profitable in more ways than one. He met his wife Melissa while filming The Bridges of Madison County. She also works as an assistant director, often on Eastwood films. She also worked on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They have two children

If Lorenz earned industry low average on all of his films, his net earnings would be between $8 and $10 million, though his long-time association with Eastwood may mean his earnings are higher than the low averages published by The Hollywood Reporter.

How much is $10 million?

Though nominated several time for Best picture (an award that goes to producers), Lorenz has not yet won an Oscar. The small statuettes cost about $900 to make, so Lorenz could afford to have about 11,000 of them made.


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