How Rich is Christian Coulson?

Name: Christian Peter Coulson
Born: October 3, 1978
Occupation: Actor

coulsonChristian Coulson is best known for his role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but unlike many of the young actors that got their start in the film series, he has not yet earned the fame and fan adoration of an Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe. In part, that could be because he was in just two of the films, the second and the very last. Coulson had the dubious honor of playing Tom Marvolo Riddle, the boy who would become Lord Voldemort.

Coulson was also older than many of his cast-mates; he was 23 when he first joined the Harry Potter cast. Prior to winning the role as Harry’s arch nemesis, Coulson had a recurring television role in the series Weirdsister College and had other roles on television as well.

Since his first Harry Potter role, Coulson has been busy fairly steadily with roles on television and the London stage.  In the last several years he has moved into roles in feature films and in 2014 received his first nomination for a film award. He was nominated as best supporting actor for the Long Beach International Film Festival in New York.

While it stands to reason that appearing in only 2 of the Harry Potter films, Coulson would not have acquired anywhere near the wealth of Watson or Radcliffe, information about what he has earned for his roles is not readily available.  If he was paid “scale” wages for his work, he has probably earned about $1 million for his role. In the film and television industry, “scale” is the equivalent of minimum wage for the work.

How much is $1 million?

With just $1 million in presumed earnings, Coulson may not have hit the big time yet, but he could easily buy copies of the Harry Potter books and movies for 100,000 of his closest fans.


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