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How Rich is Jason Blum?

Name: Jason Ferus Blum
Born: February 20, 1969
Occupation: Producer

Photo: Helga Esteb /
Photo: Helga Esteb /

Jason Blum is an American film producer best known for turning low-budget films into box office smashes. His most popular films include Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and Insidious. Blum’s film Whiplash was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Blum has worked in the industry since 1995 and producer or executive produced films for the Weinstein brothers and for Warner Brothers studioes before founding Blumhouse Productions. With his own production company, he has been exceedingly successful making low-budget films that become blockbusters. His film Paranomal Activity, for example, was filmed for just $15,000 and made nearly $200 million at the box office.

His production firm specializes in making micro-budget movies. He got funding for the first film he produced by getting comedian Steve Martin to endorse the film and then sending letters of the endorsement out with the script. He has also been successful in convincing well-known actors to work for scale, basically minimum wage, on a project in return for a portion of the profits.

In his movie The Purge, for instance, he convinced friend Ethan Hawke to take a portion of the profits. Source estimate Hawke eventually got millions for the film which had a budget of less than $3 million. Blum calls Hawke his best friend. He also suggests that with a $3 million budget, directors have much more freedom and creativity than with a big budget movie.

The exact net worth of Blum is hard to pinpoint because his production works on the model of sharing the profits with the actors in the films, but for the first two Paranormal Activity movies alone, he made an estimated $26.5 million.

How much is $26.5 million?

With $26.5 million, Blum could make a movie like The Purge nine times or could make a film like Paranormal Activity almost 2,000 times.


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