How Rich is Kelly Osbourne?

Name: Kelly Osbourne
Born: October 27, 1984
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter,  Fashion Designer, Talk Show Hostess

Kelly Osbourne, 2013. Photo: Eva Rinaldi
Kelly Osbourne, 2013. Photo: Eva Rinaldi

The middle daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne leapt to international fame when she was 17 and her family starred in a reality television show called The Osbournes.  Seventeen-year-old Kelly was the sarcastic spitfire darling of the show and most recognized for her fashion sense.

After the show was cancelled, Kelly paired with Ali Barone to form the fashion label Stiletto Killers. The line featured rock-inspired clothing, including tees, hoodies and sweatpants emblazoned with punk rock phrases and cartoon-like characters. The fashion line ceased production in 2006.

Kelly had a short-lived musical career of her own, releasing two albums, but met with only limited success. Her best-selling single was a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes” which she performed as a duet with her father.

In 2004, Kelly began an acting career, with a role in the ABC teen drama Life as We Know It. She has also parlayed her reality television role into a spot on Dancing with the Stars and had a much publicized battle with addiction to prescription painkillers.

Continuing her love affair with fashion, in 2011 Kelly became a fashion correspondent for E! co-hosting Fashion Police with Joan Rivers.  Kelly stayed with show after Rivers death but in 2015 quit the show in protest of a co-workers’ racist commentary on someone’s red carpet style.

Kelly has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

How much is $15 million?

With $15 million, Kelly can definitely afford to attend fashion week in New York and could buy 1,500 or so of her favorite outfits on the runway.


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