How Rich is Chloe Sevigny?

Name: Chloe Sevigny
Born: November 17, 1974
Occupation: Actress, Model, Fashion Designer

Chloe Sevigny, 2014. Photo: Matthew Wedgwood
Chloe Sevigny, 2014. Photo: Matthew Wedgwood

Chloe Sevigny was the “It girl” in 1994, featured in The New Yorker for her personal sense of style and eclectic fashion sense. Since then, she has parleyed that style into consistent work as an actress, model and sahion consultant.

Sevigny is the youngest child of Janine and H. David Sevigny, an accountant turned interion house painted from Connecticut. Though she was born in Massachusetts. Sevigny grew up in Connecticut before moving to New York City. As a teenager, she babysat for actor Topher Grace and his sister and swept tennis courts at the country club her family could not afford to join.

As a rebellious teenager, Sevigny says she was interested somewhat in drug culture, specifically hallucinogens, and began making her own clothes because she was bored. She would often skip classes and head to New York. While she was in the East Village when she was 17, the editor of Sassy  magazine spotted her and asked her to model for the magazine. She later became an intern at the magazine.

When she graduated from high school, she moved to a Brooklyn apartment and began modeling for various magazines. She also played an HIV-positive woman in the 1995 Indie film Kids,  after the actress originally intended for the role dropped out of the production. Though she had no previous professional active experience, Sevigny’s performance was greeted with praise from the critics and won her an Independent Spirit Award.

Since then Sevigny’s career has vacillated between acting and modeling, with her being called on to do a great deal of both. Most recently, she has had a five year stint on HBO’s Big Love,  and a recurring role in American Horror Story: Asylum, as well as Bloodline. In March, 2015, she gained national attention again by criticizing Jennifer Lawrence as the choice of model for Dior, calling the younger actress “annoying. Too crass.”

Sevigny has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

How much is $8 million?

With $8 million, Sevigny could buy four of her $2 million New York City apartments and perhaps still have enough left over to check out the New York School of Etiquette and Webster’s Dictionary regarding being “too crass.”



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